How to Make Money with your Landing Page

The benefits of an effective landing page.

Author: John Savage
Pages: 10
Language: English
Publication date: 12/02/2013
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The uses that a landing page can have are almost endless, as are the benefits.
What is a Landing Page?

Sometimes known as a “lander”, “lead capture page”, a landing page by definition is fairly simple – when a web wanderer clicks on a link, it's the page that they arrive ( or land) on once they get there. A landing page, therefore, could be as simple as a homepage, but it also includes every page on one's website that people can get to from clinking on a link, search engine result, or even an advertisement.

The real question these days is not what a landing page is, but what it SHOULD be. This all depends on the point of your website. If, for instance, a website is aimed towards selling a product, skill set, or service, the landing page should be able to effectively sell the item(s) to the customer by pitching the item(s) in an effective manner. If the website is used to impart certain information, it should make sure the customer is easily directed where they need to go.

Landing pages, therefore, are like the cover to the book – they attract visitors to your website, tell them what they should do there and where they should go/click.

This book has been written in order to make sure your landing page is an effective, and profitable one.
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