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Author: Justin Ho
Pages: 30
Language: English
Publication date: 20/03/2020
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The Secret To Managing The Perfect Life
Not everyone has got it all together. Some of us struggle to stay organized. This constant effort that we put into getting our lives in order and getting our tasks done can be draining. In fact, every invention was made to make our lives easier in that regard. Disorganization is more common than we think. And it is not a terrible thing. It does not make you a bad person or someone with the least inspiring qualities. It only makes you human. The thing about disorganization that makes us want to run away from it is that it is discomforting. This is its major turn off and perhaps the reason you have been searching for a way to better manage your life.
Handling the various aspects of our lives can be a daunting task. When we succeed at one aspect, we often fail at another. We can be so successful at work but ignore the fact that our health is paying for that success. We can forget to achieve our personal goals but get swamped with those of our clients and bosses. Some of us even satisfy our coworkers more than we do ourselves. Moms can find it very easy to fix dinners and school runs and forget to fix the house in the process. It’s the overwhelm called life. This shuffling between too many goals, dreams, activities, and tasks is the reason several theories have been propounded on how we can stay organized.
If getting things done is your worry, then this book is for you. It’s hard to do things when we do not feel like it. Sometimes, this is not even about being lazy. It is about being overwhelmed. What if there was a method that made it possible for you to tackle every task, every project, every responsibility, and excel at all your roles? What if the method is way simple than you think? What if you do not have to constantly struggle with how to divide your time between your many activities?
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Justin Ho is a Singaporean, author and speaker, self-taught theologian, family expert, counselor, leadership coach, organizational consultant, financial consultant, who publishes nonfiction focused on habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement. Obsessed with finding the best principles and practices for living a rich, fulfilling, and connected life, he seeks out and experiments with new and interesting ideas to discover what actually *works.*
In addition to raising awareness and funds to support non-profit charities, Justin desires to help people move from wishing for significance to being empowered to make a difference.
Tags: Not Everyone Has Got It All Together. Some Of Us Struggle To Stay Organized. This Constant Effort That We Put Into Getting Our Lives In Order And Tasks Done Can Be Draining. In Fact Every Invention Was Made Make Easier Regard. Disorganization Is More Common Than Think. And Not A Terrible Thing. It Does You Bad Person Or Someone With The Least Inspiring Qualities. Only Makes Human. The Thing About Disorganization Want Run Away From Discomforting. Its Major Turn Off Perhaps Reason Have Been Searching For Way Better Manage Your Life. Handling Various Aspects Daunting Task. When Succeed At One Aspect Often Fail Another. We So Successful Work But Ignore Health Paying Success. Forget Achieve Personal Goals Get Swamped Those Clients Bosses. Even Satisfy Coworkers Do Ourselves. Moms Find Very Easy Fix Dinners School Runs House Process. It’s Overwhelm Called Shuffling Between Too Many Dreams Activities Several Theories Propounded On How If Things Worry Then This Book You. Hard When Feel Like It. Sometimes Being Lazy. Overwhelmed. What If There Method Possible Tackle Task Project Responsibility Excel Roles? Simple Think? Constantly Divide Time Activities? 10% Everything Will Learn Precisely That. My Secret I Would Sharing Works Faster Other Recommended Leave Feeling Happy. Days Awesome. You Just Know What Apply Teach Am Excited Journey Walk Day. Place Should Come Also. With New Concept Life Become Organized Manageable Much Faster. Fulfilled. Are Ready Go Ride Discovering Awesome Management Technique Along. Make Sure Use It! Perfect State! Managing Life! Becoming Best Version You!

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