Revolutionary Change

An Expatriate View

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Publication date: 26/08/2011
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Collection of essays on prospects forrevolutionary political change.
Revolutionary Change: An Expatriate View is a collection of essays published between 2010 and 2011. In addition to heralding undreamed of political upheaval, the year 2011 has inspired new hope on the left of overthrowing the corporate-dominated political elites that have seized control of our western democracies.

Revolutionary Change isn’t meant to be read cover to cover. It’s intended as a reference book on movement building that will hopefully stimulate discussion about the best way to accomplish change.

I divided the book into five parts. The first, “My New Life in New Zealand,” briefly discusses my reasons for emigrating and the political and social features that make this country uniquely different from the US. Part II, “Capitalism’s Last Gasp,” examines the train wreck global capitalism and class society have imposed on the planet. Part III, “Psychological Oppression: the Role of Corporate Media,” talks about the phenomenon of psychological oppression and the role of mainstream media in preserving the status quo. Part IV, “Making Change,” explores how political change is likely to come about, with a particular emphasis on why American leftists and progressives find it so difficult to engage the working class. Part V, “The Endgame,” makes a few predictions about post-capitalist society.

The intended audience is current and prospective activists of all ages, be they liberals, progressives, anarchists, socialists, left libertarians or right libertarians.
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Dr Bramhall is 64 year old American psychiatrist who emigrated in New Zealand in 2002, following 15 years of intense harassment by the FBI.

She describes this in her first book THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE. She has also written a young adult novel, BATTLE FOR TOMORROW: A FABLE, about a 16 year old girl who participates in the blockade and occupation of the US Capitol.

Dr Bramhall has a political commentary blog at

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