MSA - Measurement System Analysis

TS 16949 Core Tools

Author: Martin Zander
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Detailed tutorials on many measurement system analysis techniques
Measurement System Analysis includes detailed tutorials on many measurement system analysis techniques including how to conduct and analyze GR&R (Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility) Studies. A GR&R is the accepted techniques for evaluating the level of variation in a measurement system and determining if the measurement system is acceptable for use. Measurement System Analysis covers techniques for analyzing the variation within a measurement system, determining its suitability for use, and ways to improve measurement systems. The GR&R analysis techniques used in MSA are in compliance with TS 16949/AIAG methods.

Course Outline

Unit 1 - Analyzing Measurement System Variation
•Lesson 1 Variation in Measurement Systems ◦A review of sources of measurement system variation.
◦An explanation of Type A and Type B evaluations of measurement uncertainty.
◦Exploration of the effects of too much variation in measurements.

•Lesson 2 Measurement System Linearity ◦How to measure gage/instrument linearity (both graphically and mathematically) to determine if a gage (or instrument) has linearity problems.
◦Taking action to deal with linearity problems.

•Lesson 3 Measurement System Stability ◦How to evaluate gage/instrument stability using a control chart.
◦Taking action to deal with stability problems.

•Lesson 4 Repeatability & Reproducibility ◦How to conduct a GR&R study.
◦R&R analysis for non-destructive measurements.
◦Use of ANOVA for GR&Rs
◦R&R analysis for destructive measurements.
◦R&R analysis for attribute measurements.

•Lesson 5 Improving Measurement Systems ◦Using a problem-solving approach to find the root causes of repeatability and reproducibility problems.
◦Using the GR&R data to help direct the problem-solving effort.
◦A description of some basic causes to investigate if gage/instrument repeatability is high.
◦A description of some basic causes to investigate if appraiser reproducibility is high.

•Lesson 6 MSA Software Considerations ◦Suggested selection criteria of software features for a software program for analyzing GR&R studies.
◦An overview of some of the advanced measurement system analysis tools that a GR&R software package may have.

Unit 2 - Managing Measurement Systems
•Lesson 1 Formalizing Management of Instruments ◦Why a gage/instrument calibration program is so important and makes good business sense.
◦Why a gage or instrument may not be accurate.
◦The components of a gage/instrument management system.

•Lesson 2 Sources of Measurement Error ◦Measurement errors due to gage/instrument calibration deficiencies.
◦Measurement error related to gage/instrument usage or damage.
◦Errors of judgment resulting in measurement errors.
◦GR&R issues and measurement error.

•Lesson 3 Calibration Practices ◦A discussion of common calibration practices.
◦Key elements of a calibration system as defined by ISO 10012-1.
◦Gage/instrument identification techniques.
◦Sources for calibration procedures and independent calibration laboratories.
◦Methods for determining intervals of calibration.

•Lesson 4 Calibration Standards & Tools ◦Traceability of calibration standards from primary national standards to working standards.
◦The role of transfer standards and working standards.
◦Measurement uncertainty and the calibration system.

•Lesson 5 Calibration Pitfalls ◦Common measurement equipment management system pitfalls.
◦Proactive techniques to steer your organization clear of these pitfalls.

•Lesson 6 Records & Audits ◦Different types of records needed for a comprehensive gage/instrument management system.
◦The role of audits to ensure your gage management system is working.
◦The elements of a corrective action plan to address areas of audit noncompliance.

•Lesson 7 Calibration Software Considerations ◦Benefits of using gage management software.
◦Suggested selection criteria of software features for a gage/instrument management software program.
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