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What if the worst is yet to come, while people look back in anger and dismay at what may have been a dire omen, rather than looking proactively ahead in order to prevent larger scale events of similar and other unprecedented kind? read more ...
4.99 €
Saving Your Ship, Crew and Treasure in the Coming Financial Storm
IF YOU DON’T PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, WHO WILL? If you don’t protect your family, who will? Self-sufficiency has always been and will always be the lighthouse in the fog of chaos. The storm is coming. Batten down the hatches! Mixing powerful naut read more ...
6.49 €
Their History, Their Power and Future
The author analyses the role of the Illuminati members as well as their influence over the world, and predicts the future of the planet where this select group seems that will not have any control over. After coming to this level of knowledge and read more ...
3.49 €
Two mindsets and the shape of our future
Where is the world going? And why is it doing that? A lot of books looking at the incoming waves of the future get starry-eyed about technology. This one takes a broader view of social change, framing the world we see taking shape in terms of two read more ...
3.99 €
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