Pirate Capitalism

Saving Your Ship, Crew and Treasure in the Coming Financial Storm

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Publication date: 01/10/2017
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If you don’t protect your family, who will? A storm's coming. Batten the Hatches
If you don’t protect your family, who will?
Self-sufficiency has always been and will always be the lighthouse in the fog of chaos. The storm is coming.
Batten down the hatches!

Mixing powerful nautical quotes, leadership examples from history's great ship captains, convenient preparedness lists, refreshingly blunt language and deeply personal stories, Capt. Shaun Patrick Smith, USMM, presents a revealing societal assessment, concise leadership manual and practical action plan.

Widening political divisions, increasing poverty, worsening race relations, growing clashes among world leaders, faltering global economies, spreading terrorism and unsustainable U.S. debt are warnings of rogue waves to come.

Pirate Capitalism: Saving Your Ship, Crew and Treasure in the Coming Financial Storm puts you in the captain's seat to become the ultimate leader of your family. It is time to prepare your Ship (home), your Crew (family) and your Treasure (assets) before the storm hits by commandeering the leadership skills of history's great ship captains.

Ask yourself a simple question. If a nation-wide crisis (financial, terrorist, health, weather, etc.) were to occur, who would protect you and your family - your neighbors, the police, the courts, the clergy, your local elected officials, the media, Wall Street, Main Street, Congress, the President, the Pope? All of them did a fine job protecting the 10 million people who were kicked out of 7 million homes during the 2008 housing crisis, didn’t they? What about the people who couldn’t get food, water and medical attention (and who died because of it) in New Orleans
during Hurricane Katrina? How well did the police do in protecting people from bodily harm and death or homes, automobiles, businesses and buildings from destruction and fire in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland, during the race riots in 2014 and 2015? And, sadly, even firefighters and police officers are being slaughtered in the streets.

Again, if you don’t protect your family, who will?

“I could not conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel….modern ship-building has gone beyond that.”
Captain Edward J. Smith (1850-1912)
RMS Titanic

“The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.”
Alan Greenspan (1926- )
U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman (1987-2006)
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Capt. Shaun Patrick Smith is a tough, loyal, highly-educated, Mother-venerating, animal-adoring, United States Merchant Marine Officer, long-distance swimmer, educator, entrepreneur and corporate executive who is earning a Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy at the preeminent Niagara University.
And, Shaun knows how to prepare a ship for a storm. As a captain, Shaun has endured howling winds and fought deadly waves while never losing a crew member or a vessel. As an entrepreneur and the chief executive of corporations, Shaun has battled and beat fierce competitors, developed first-class teams and helmed the prosperity of many organizations. As a celebrated college business instructor, Shaun believed in his inner-city students when most did not and led them against all odds to academic excellence. Shaun's website: captainsps.com

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