Wearing Chinese Glasses

How (Not) to Go Broke in Chinese Asia

Author: Greg Bissky
Pages: 149
Language: English
Publication date: 05/08/2011
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Want to Succeed in Business with Chinese? Here’s How to Make it Happen
Want to Succeed in Business with Chinese? Here’s How to Make it Happen!
Chinese see with Chinese eyes. Your success depends on seeing things as Chinese do. You need Chinese glasses. Don’t wear them and you do business blind.

The problems are not what you think.
Should you be polite to Chinese? Of course, if you are Western polite the Chinese will think you are impolite. You need to know how Chinese see polite.

You need more than good intentions.
Are relationships important to Chinese? Yes, except if you use Western ideas about relationships you will fail. You need to know how Chinese see relationships.

Don’t worry about making mistakes.
Chinese don’t care if you pass business cards with two hands or use chopsticks well. They expect you to make cultural mistakes. All non-Chinese are barbarians.

Chinese meet Good, Bad and Ugly Westerners.
You have to be a sensitive, flexible barbarian. Be polite, try things the Chinese way: after all, you are in China making Chinese money. A little respect goes a long way.

You have to understand why before how.
Tips are only useful if you understand why Chinese think and act as they do. Chinese ways make
sense…to Chinese. The key to success is knowing why they make sense.

You already know what to do.
If you have a best friend back home, if you are married, you already know how to succeed in China.
Everything in Chinese Asia is built on making good relationships.

This book will open your eyes to the reality of doing successful business with Chinese.

GREG BISSKY knows Chinese like few others. Business owner as well as consultant, project leader and teacher, since 1985 he has negotiated contracts, led Chinese teams, hired, fired and managed Chinese, and worked for numerous Chinese clients and bosses.
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Greg Bissky arrived in Chinese Asia in early 1985, planning to stay for 18 months then to return to Canada for a Ph.D. His plan changed, and, to his surprise, he returned home fourteen years later, bringing Chinese wife, young daughter and list of Chinese clients with him. He now lives in Canada but works in Chinese Asia, traveling often and living in the Chinese time zone. Greg knows the Chinese like few others. Business owner as well as consultant, he negotiates and implements contracts, leading region-wide productivity-improvement projects (reengineering, performance management and balanced scorecard). He is as comfortable on the factory floor as in the boardroom, and as familiar setting region-wide strategy as he is implementing it at the lowest levels. Greg has been there and done that. An accomplished teacher, since 1988 he has taught Chinese his 3-day Logical Thinking and Communication workshop. Teaching logic gives him a unique view into Chinese thinking and communication. Greg also teaches cross-culture to Chinese and Westerners, teaching Westerners about Chinese complaints and Chinese about Western complaints. Working both sides of the street is a virtuous circle: the more he teaches one side the more he learns about the other. Greg is an optimist, and believes that working with the Chinese is not as mysterious as many think. If you know how to make a marriage work or how to make a best friend in your hometown, you already know how to succeed in Chinese Asia. The key is the ability to see things as Chinese see them. A cultural optometrist, he wrote this book to give you a pair of Chinese glasses. Don't wear them and you do business in China blind, and that is never good. Greg never did the Ph.D., attaining instead an MBA (Masters of Business in Asia).

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