WIN THE LOTTERY with the secrets of your subconscious

Author: Jo Nouvell
Pages: 65
Language: English
Publication date: 13/03/2013
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How to achieve financial freedom and prosperity through the Pendelmethode
LOTTO – Winner and the secrets of your subconscious

How to achieve financial freedom and prosperity through the Pendelmethode©

With step by step instructions and Pendulum boards for
Mega Millions

'One perceives the ”reality” on 2 levels The physical level (immediately perceptible through the 5 senses) and the metaphysical level (the subconscious, intuition, 6th sense ...). Through your subconscious mind, which uses the Pendelmethode© as a kind of indicator, you can get the winning numbers with just one combination row. All other systems that want to increase profit chances through mathematical methods, require a large cash investment and a high risk of loss. '

Can you win at the lottery through intuition or through the secrets of your subconscious mind?
With the help of your subconscious mind or your intuition, you can enormously increase the probability of winning. Most people know this kind of premonition on the metaphysical level from experience in various fields of life.
A) You can determine the MEGA MILLION and POWER BALL lottery numbers of the following drawings with the pendulum method:

• MEGA MILLIONS - 5 of 56
• MEGA MILLIONS – 1 of 46
• POWER BALL Number - 5 of 59
• POWER BALL Additional Number - 1 of 35

B) You play with the least financial risk, because you only need combination row for each category Only with the help of your subconscious mind, there can be a high chance of winning and to this a combination row is completely enough.

C) You will receive a detailed, step by step tutorial on how to use the pendulum method to determine the correct lottery numbers.

D) The Book contains pendulum boards, that are needed for swinging.

E) The application of the pendulum method has a meditative and awareness-expanding effect

The subconscious mind shapes our connection to the inner world (metaphysical level). Through the subconscious, we are connected to the universal spirit and have a connection to the infinite constructive powers of the universe.
The great secret of life is to coordinate these two centers of our being (physical and metaphysical level) and to understand their functions. Through this knowledge, we can consciously co-operate the objective and subjective mind with one another and thus coordinate the finite and the infinite. The pendulum method opens a small door to this knowledge. Our future is in our own hands. It is not at the mercy of a capricious and unstable external power.

Buy this Book only if you are sure also that you want to take responsibility for a large financial investment. Many lottery millionaires have lost all of their assets again as the inner willingness to do so was not yet there.
Think about how you want to change your life with the lottery win.
With a big win, you may be best at the State Lottery Administration, in which you have won. Keep silence, do not rush and take advice. Some lottery companies have specially trained advisors.

The pendulum method of course gives no guarantee for the accuracy of the numbers obtained, but through a lot of practice with the pendulum and the resulting increased sensitivity, predictive powers actually take effect, which can help to prosperity and wealth.
The starting point of swinging is always a question about what a positive, negative or neutral response is sought. The pendulum can rotate left or right, or on a line swing back and forth. Which movement represents what response is defined individually. At the pendulum method, the pendulum should swing on a line back and forth.
Swinging with the pendulum is a very old technique, the application can be traced back several centuries. In the course of time the applications have expanded, particularly by modern pendant research. So that in these day, the pendulum is used in medicine, in fields such as physics, geology, archeology....
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