How To Develop A Million Dollar Mindset

Author: Justin Ho
Pages: 16
Language: English
Publication date: 20/03/2020
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It's A State of Mind
The mechanics of success are not as complicated as many people make it out to be. Success

operates a simple push and pull pattern. It is a give and take thing. It operates with reciprocity, and

when you do not input anything, you will not get anything. Nothing comes from nothing, except you

are what many people may like to call a miracle.

Look at it like a computer application that deals with statistics – maybe Microsoft excel or SPSS or some other application of a similar construct and nature. When you want to use the application to get certain statistics, you need to go out first and do the fieldwork. The application will not generate the numbers for you; you will go out with your questionnaires and send it around to people who will then fill it. Your work does not end there; you will also be the one to get back to your desk and sift through perhaps hundreds of questionnaires and sort them into accurate numbers. You will then input those numbers into the application in the right places so that you can successfully get the correct statistics.

This is the same principle with success. The delicate balance between dream and reality. If wishes were horses, the old adage says, even beggars would ride them. That is the same way dreams and thoughts are. You read the awe-inspiring story of someone like Bill Gates or Abraham Lincoln and you sigh and wish in your heart that, “Oh, I will be like him when I grow up.” Do you know that you have just, in that moment, accomplished 50% of that task? This is because what you think becomes a reality. If you believe what you are doing will work out, you will see opportunities where others see nothing. If you believe it, you will not see obstacles.
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Justin Ho is a Singaporean, author and speaker, self-taught theologian, family expert, counselor, leadership coach, organizational consultant, financial consultant, who publishes nonfiction focused on habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement. Obsessed with finding the best principles and practices for living a rich, fulfilling, and connected life, he seeks out and experiments with new and interesting ideas to discover what actually *works.*
In addition to raising awareness and funds to support non-profit charities, Justin desires to help people move from wishing for significance to being empowered to make a difference.

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