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With the challenges in the global economy, many jobs are at stake. Companies want to stay afloat and in the process, many employees loose their jobs. Not so with an indispensable executive. This book gives you the strategy to be the most sought after read more ...
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Become more empowered and successful through New Knowledge!
The booklet: „QuantumMarketing – QuantumNetworking. How New Sciences revolutionize the Business & Marketing World” presents new views and concepts and is meant for all unconventional thinkers, people who are interested in the domain Marketing, read more ...
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-How does effort influence the work in a global team -Does a Team fail with low effort? -analysis of the role of effort on cultural problems, common ground, collaboration readiness, technology readiness and coupling of work -also own evidence from read more ...
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In the 3rd edition of this best-selling book, Brent Darnell introduces his unique approach to teaching Emotional Intelligence skills in technically trained professions. He applies this critical factor to the major problems that exist in the construct read more ...
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How to get your ideas across, every single time.
Transform your writing to engage your readers, directly, using a set of proven techniques, that you, too, can apply. This handbook offers a practical framework that you can use again and again, based on four principles, three structures, two formulas read more ...
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A Career Guide For Models
Tiana Pongs was Germany’s leading commercial face. Due to the astonishing amount of more than 1,000 ad productions in the span of her career, industry insiders consider her to be Germany’s best commercial model. She’s featured on numerous internation read more ...
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Let's talk about competent people in the network age
Are you a HoCo? I think you are. A HoCo is not a dirty word. It's short for 'homo competens', and that is not an insult. That's Latin for 'competent person'. If you are a HoCo, or want to be one, this book is for you. This book talks about competent read more ...
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Guidelines for Professionals and Freshers, highlisht core area where we need extra working to polished our existing skills,i highlighted the areas of improvement for those who need it at earliest to excel their careers. read more ...
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This book is written to show you how to release that inventor, employer, writer, singer, etc, that is trapped within you. In the pages of RELEASING THE SUCCESS IN YOU, you will discover that within every failure is an outstanding success; you will le read more ...
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12 Tips & Sips to Unleash the Power Within You
How can more women succeed rather than succumb to the challenges of balancing their personal and professional lives? This book provides a path forward, a way for women to unleash the Woman Warrior within them — the strong, heartfelt force that will s read more ...
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Become Expert in Aptitude (Quantitative and reasoning)
This book is an excellent book if you want to become an expert in both quantitative and reasoning aptitude. Quantitative and reasoning domain tests your ability to use numbers and mathematical concepts to solve mathematical problems as well as your a read more ...
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start with your own bikecoffeecar
How to become bikebarista and start with your own bikecoffeecar The BIKECOFFEECAR is a new cheap and ECO friendly way to sell coffee. On offer is espresso, latte, cappuccino, ect. With a BIKECOFFEECAR you look for customers. You go to the customer read more ...
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WIN THE LOTTERY with the secrets of your subconscious
FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY LOTTO – Winner and the secrets of your subconscious How to achieve financial freedom and prosperity through the Pendelmethode© With step by step instructions and Pendulum boards for Mega Millions Powerball read more ...
19.99 €
How To Sell Gold To Finacially Wealthy Entities As New Way To Wealth
Sell Gold and Grow Rich How to sell large Quantities of Gold to Refineries, Investment Funds, High End Jewelers, Wealthy Families and High Net Worth Individuals as an Entrepreneur, Business or Investment Group. Did you know that gold sellers who se read more ...
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E-book about brand new motivation tactics
This e-book will help you to make a radical change in your undertaking and will help you to become an honoured boss, standing out from the powerless owners who speechlessly watch their best employees leaving them! This e-book was written to those read more ...
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