Childhood's Favorites and Fairy Stories

Childhood's Favorites and Fairy Stories

Pages: 499
Language: English
Publication date: 03/09/2013
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Collection of fairy tales for children, 499 pages, with illustrations.
Collection of fairy tales for children, 499 pages, with illustrations.The best poems, fairy tales and fables for children, starting with the rhymes and fairy tales for children. Includes stories of different people.


SINCE this series of books is intended for all young people from one to one hundred, it opens with about eighty of the old Mother Goose Rhymes. Nothing better was ever invented to tell to little folks who are young enough for lullabies. Their rhythm, their humor, and their pith will always cause us to prize them as the Babies' Classics.
Next come a score of the most famous Nursery Tales, the kind that children cry for and love to hear fifty times over. And since, just as soon as little folks like stories they love to hear them in rhyme, here are forty Children's Favorite Poems.
What would young life be without 'Puss in Boots' and 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'The Sleeping Beauty'? Our Treasury would indeed be poor without them, so these Favorite Stories come next, yoked with some Old-Fashioned Poems in story-form, as 'The Night before Christmas,' 'The Wonderful World,' and 'Little Orphant Annie.' All who love pets and animals have always liked Fables, so here are the noted parables of Æsop, and the lesser-known but even more jolly tales from East Indian sources.
The fairy-tale age is supposed to come from four to nine, but the editors are sure it lasts much longer than that. However this may be, the better half of our first volume is given up to Fairy Tales and Laughter Stories from all over the world.
It ends with Tales for Tiny Tots, the kind that mother reads beside the fire at bedtime, some of them old, like the 'Little Red Hen' and 'Peter Rabbit,' and some of them newer, like 'The Greedy Brownie' and 'The Birthday Honors of the Fairy Queen.'
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My name is Ellie Levitskaya. I was born and raised in the heart of Siberia. My native town is Irkutsk. I was born on the 5th of September in 1980. So, now I am 33 years old.

My parents are lawyers. And they wanted to see me in this profession as well. My mother’s name is Tatiana. She is 57. My father’s name is George. He is 59. I am an only child in the family.

I studied in a local linguistic school. I was an excellent pupil. And I loved my teachers very much. They made learning fun. May be because of the example of my teachers I decided to become one of them. But I got older, and goals changed and I didn’t pursue that path. After finishing school I entered the linguistic university. There I studied well and many times I was sent abroad to improve my skills in foreign languages.

So, I became an interpreter and a writer. I worked in a local English paper. I had to write notes about the development of the languages, the latest news in this field, everything what is interesting about English. The part I loved most about my job was communication. Every day I met different people. They helped me know more about other life, learnt something.

I was still active in travelling abroad. In one of this journey I met my future husband. So, we got married in 2004. I became a daycare provider. Now we have a son. He is 4 years old. My husband is a doctor. He works much. I enjoyed being home with my son. But at one time I wanted to have an opportunity to work and use my knowledge again. My husband has got a better place in another city – in Moscow. So, we have to move. I was happy. Now we live on the outskirts of the city. I have found a job in the University. So, I have fulfilled the dream of my childhood.

12.09.2012 Ellie Levitskaya

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