Islam Folklore Tales of Prophet Adam & Iblis (Lucifer)

From Jinn Race

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Publication date: 01/08/2018
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Islam Folklore Tales of Prophet Adam (Pbuh) & Iblis (Lucifer) From Jinn Race
Islam Folklore Tales of Prophet Adam (Pbuh) & Iblis (Lucifer) From Jinn Race English Edition

The Story of Adam & Iblis Based from The Noble Quran & Al-Hadith. Prophet Adam (Pbuh) is believed to have been the first human being and Nabi (Prophet) on Earth, in Islam. Adam's role as the father of the human race is looked upon by Muslims with reverence. Muslims also refer to his wife, Hawa (Eve), as the 'mother of mankind'. Muslims see Adam as the first Muslim, as the Qur'an states that all the Prophets preached the same faith of Islam (Submission to One God). Synthesizing the Qur'an with hadith and Islamic exegesis can produce the following account.Before Allah SWT (God) created Adam, He ordered the archangels to bring a handful of dust from the earth.

But the earth sought refuge of God, thus the earth will not be distorted. Only Azrail succeeds, due to seeking refuge of God, for he will not return with empty hands like the other archangels before. Azrail the Angels of Death took dust from different parts of earth, therefore his children may have different skincolours. Hadith add that he was named Adam after the clay he was made out of, or the skin (adim)of the earth.Returning to the Qur'an, when God informed the angels that he was going to put a successor on Earth, they questioned whether the human would cause bloodshed and damage, but he told them that he knew what they did not and taught Adam the names and commanded him to call them. When the angels failed to call the names Adam knew, they all obeyed to prostrate, except Iblis (Lucifer) from jinn race (Jinn or Genie or Demon are supernatural creature created from fire with free will like human). He said, 'I am made from fire, when Adam is from clay. I am better than him. I am not going to prostrate before him.' He created Adam from clay and breathed life into him.A widely accepted, even not based on the Quran, narration in Islamic literature says, that while Adam was sleeping, God took a rib from him and from it he created Eve (Hawa) however, the exact method of creation is not specified. The Qur'an then says that God commanded that Adam and Eve not approach (come closer to) the one tree in the garden of Eden, but Iblis was able to convince them to do that.

They then began to cover themselves because they now knew that they were naked. For this God banished Adam and Eve to earth; non-canonical Sunni hadith say that fruits were turned to thorns and pregnancy became dangerous. Non-canonical Sunni hadith also say that Adam and Eve were cast down far apart, so that they had to search for each other and eventually met each other at Mount Arafat.In Islamic theology, it is not believed that Adam's sin is carried by all of his children. Hadith say that once Adam was on earth, God taught him how to plant seeds and bake bread. This was to become the way of all of Adam's children. Prophet Adam (Pbuh) and Eve (Hawa) proceeded to live for about 1000 years.
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