Author: Sheryl Trimble
Pages: 212
Language: English
Publication date: 30/06/2011
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LollipopSuger is tired of being bullied...
LollipopSuger Series ONE... takes you on a real to fantasy genre with an extremely high spirited beautiful young lady. WARNING!!!!LollipopSuger can get out of hand at times.
Come and join her and become one of her closest friends.
You will soon become familiar with the characters and find yourself crawling right into Lollipop's life through her series.
A MUST read!
The young adults that have reviewed this book all say they will read the LollipopSugers Series of books again and again.

Many also say if they only had to chose one book series... LollipopSuger would be there #1 favorite.

So come on and see what all the new excitement is about...

There is plenty of reading to love with LollipopSuger...

The New LollipopSuger ONE... is the first of a long continuing series of her books. Come on and join Lolli growning up in the most challenging years.

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See a sample:

Two more kids came in and took seats behind Janelle and Lolli.
The door opened again and a guy walked in that neither Lolli nor Janelle had ever seen before.
He walked past Lolli looking directly in her face, then he sat in the chair next to her.

Lolli brushed her hair out of her eyes and turned to get a good look at this new boy, hopefully without him seeing her do this.
As she turned to get a glimpse of the new guy, he boldly said, “Nikki did that to you.” He was pointing to her cast.
Lolli said in an unsure voice, “Umm yeah.”
She wondered how he knew about this.
He then openly said, “My name is Jeremy.”
Lolli started to speak to tell him her name when her voiced only squeaked like a mouse, “Miiiiiieee.

Embarrassed by this noise she made... Lolli cleared her throat and started to say her name when Jeremy cut her short by saying, “Yeah I know, your LollipopSÜger!

You can own *A Collectible Treasure of LollipopSuger Series* starting today with series ONE.

.... Her books are HOLLYWOOD STYLE
and are most definitely geared to the grab your attention for a long time to come. In fact we are sure you will never forget about LollipopSuger..Her name is sweet...but sometimes she can be a little S O U R .... Enjoy.....

An enlightening, poignant and unexpectedly funny series that is rooted in the author's childhood experiences along with close family members and friends.
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Winner of literary awards for her essays -GIRL POWERS- She has written two relationship self help books, SiN LIFE'S UPSIDE DOWNS - SiN LIFE'S INSIDE OUTS. She has co-authored six New Age Guides including... LEARN HOW NEW TECHNOLOGIES CAN BE USED IN ACADEMIA, a study guide for Medical Law. With over 14 years of ghost/shadow writing.
Sheryl Trimble is a southerner by birth and now a southern by choice. With her roots deeply planted in the south. Sheryl feels out of place if she does not have a spring, lake or ocean in sight.
Sheryl is stepping out with her new book "My Lying Eyes" her true story involving a life altering event that first started when she was eleven years old. This will be her first of many books to come until it is all disclosed.

Now with "My Lying Eyes" on the shelves Sheryl Trimble continues her groundbreaking work, as she reveals the greatest disclosure in our time and universe.

No single word is the same in two separate minds ~Sheryl Trimble

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