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A Satire. It used animals to describe some of the ills in societal governance
The book is a children novel. It is a simple satire that used animals to exemplify what happens in human societies. The animals met and decided to have a king to coordinate their affairs as in humans.
“Popyton” the Tortoise wanted to rule the animals at all cost. He offered most of the animals’ bribe which they accepted. They voted for him. Popyton treated them with iron hand and left most animals in penury. He abrogated the democratic process initially agreed upon by all the animals and installed himself as their leader for life.
It is a popular saying that “those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable”. The animals could no longer bear their pain. They planned and fought to remove Popyton.
They elected Makisa the Lion afterwards. He ruled with fairness and brought prosperity in the land of the animals. He was to become the real king of the Jungle.
The book is meant for children of ages 6 to 12.
There are several lessons packed in the book which includes, the need to avoid greed, bribery and corruption. The consequence of bad leadership and follower-ship are also lessons.
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Sylvester Anyahara holds a Masters degree from University of Lagos. He is a prolific writer whose books are being read by thousands of people in Nigeria and around the world. He is constantly making contributions to the social media on several regional and global contemporary issues.

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