Blessed and Chosen as a Holy gene and DNA of God

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Publication date: 29/03/2021
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Book explores some mistakes Christians make in their efforts to be rich and powerful and corrects them
Many times, many Christians believe that they are going to be wealthier and richer than other Christians, if they pray more, give more money, fast more, quote more scripture, change their dress codes, win more souls, go to church more, observe better Passover,Christmas or sunday rituals,attend attend more deliverance sessions or fall down slain by the spirit without working.

But they are wrong. Religion is a con. Money comes from work, trading, gifting or stealing.

True Worship is not songs. It is a lifestyle of total obedience. Prayer is a 24/7 heart to heart communication. God already knows what you want before you say your first words of prayer.

God has already guaranteed your financial success before he knew what pray more, give more money, fast more quote more scripture and or win more souls is. This book unlocks the secrets to the sucess you seek. This book explores some of the popular lies and mistakes Christians make in an attempt to be rich, powerful or find spiritual fulfilment and corrects them. Enjoy
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Christian ChukwumaNgene is a biological scientist, humanitarian human rights champion, a retired cross cultural missionary pastor, and knowledge innovation legend and world leader.

His Bible study books on sex, dating, marriage, romance, relationship and human evolution has introduced new knowledge system and success solution ideas that changed everything everyone thinks they knew about these subjects
His intellectual property, unique knowledge system, knowledge innovation, insight and success solutions propositions in climate change to corona virus pandemic is easily the most frequently instantly hacked and copied knowledge economy by global institutions, heads of governments, and their helpers in the global media using their expired experts from expired big name institutions which helped create the problems Menelik Ngene keeps solving at his own expense.
The hacked, copied and twisted weak fake versions of the 1992 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER article he wrote and published as the editor in chief of EUPHORBIA, the University of Jos student science Journal of Botany had secretly helped CHINA develop and sustain its current competitive technological and economic advantage over USA, Europe and the rest of the world.
The hacked, copied and twisted weak versions of another article he wrote on and published on EUPHORBIA, the above mentioned UNIVERSITY OF JOS STUDENT scientific JOURNAL OF BOTANY about the ALGAE has secretly helped Israel, Exxon Mobile etc to begin research & development work on ALGAE as renewable GREEN ENERGY source.
The cheap copy of his world record academic scientific research work published he submitted as his undergraduate scientific research work has won Nobel Prizes for British and US scientists
The hacked, copied and twisted weak versions of his internet posts, writings and published book on climate change has become a secret Pathfinder for all of EUROPEAN UNION,USA, UN and allied work

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