Stasis Center Book 1

Author: David Robinson
Pages: 81
Language: English
Publication date: 25/07/2011
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Flix has returned from the dead
For almost 900 years the evil spirit of Flix has watched comings and goings in the real world, seeking a route back to life. And now that men have tapped into stasis energy, Flix can harness that power and achieve his ambition: an army of zombies controlled by him.

Emerging from the Spirit Plane in the year 2540, Flix wreaks havoc at the remote research facility of Coldmoor Castle, and after taking over the body of a security guard goes on a killing spree that will build his force of the undead.

Stasis Center Agents Mia Nellis and Nick Holt travel back through time from the year 3010, to Coldmoor Castle. Mia’s psychic powers and Nick’s technological armoury will fight off the increasing numbers of undead before they concentrate on their main objective: trapping Flix in a stasis cell from which he can never escape. But in doing so, they must be careful not to change history … or they may cease to exist.
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Freelance writer and novelist, former adult edcuation teacher, former hypnotherapist, a lunatic 3rd age rocker with a huge sense of fun, David Robinson is one of the most prolific self-published writers of mystery, whodunits, sci-fi and horror. He lives Manchester, UK with his wife and crackpot dog called Joe.

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