Collecting Luxury Watches

Watch Collecting Collection Rolex Omega Breitling Patek AP Panerai Hublot

Author: Leonard Lowe more .. less ..
Read by: Leonard Lowe
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Duration: 4 hrs 58 mins
Series: Luxury Watches (vol. 1)
Language: English
ISBN: 9783969310878
Publication date: 04/12/2020
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The field of Luxury Watches is not only an interesting hobby for rich people.
5/5 Stars ***** Great book for watch enthusiasts! »This is the second e-book from this author, that I've read. He has a nice, clear writing style and definitely he has lots of insight on what makes a particular watch brand and watch model valuable. I thought the omission of Grand Seiko was somewhat odd, but it is still a great book.« (July 18, 2017)

The field of Luxury Watches is not only an interesting hobby for rich people. Our new book Collecting Luxury Watches gives the reader some detailed real life experience what it is like to purchase, own, wear and not least 'invest' in these timekeeping little pieces of art.

There are a lot of books on the market that show what watches are available, basically catalogs, but there are not so many that give the reader basic background information about the watch industry, the watch market, historic vintage collectible and other relevant models from the rich history of watchmaking.

And even less books deal with the real experience from a personal standpoint, showing what pros and cons the real life use of watch A or B has and if it is really worth a purchase of at least $5000.

We discuss practical real life questions like: can I trust a grey market dealer? Do I have to purchase used watches (as a lot of people suggest) or can I also buy new ones? Are the interesting models available or is there a shortage, and why is that the case? What is it like to buy a used watch? Why are 40 year old Rolex models sometimes more expensive than their new incarnations? Is a hand wound watch a thing from the past and just an utter nuisance?

The Author tells you from a first person perspective and from the view of an ordinary guy, who cannot spend some 25 grand, just because.
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Leonard Lowe is a german engineer, scientific researcher and professor for mechanical engineering. He is the author of several books on technology, philosophy and politics.

Beyond his professional live he is a tech and hi-tech enthusiast, computer geek, brillant thinker and writer. He loves to acquire knowledge and share it. His sharp analyses help his readers making the right decisions in many different areas of life.

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