Fish Tank - Something Whiskered This Way Comes

Author: Carl Ray
Pages: 89
Language: English
Publication date: 09/08/2011
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Three aquarium fish must do battle with a cat who is out to eat them.
'The storylines careen from near-disaster to nearer-disaster as Ted [(a super-genius goldfish)], Angelo (a narcissist angelfish) and Hoover (a bottom-feeder — and proud of it — out for himself) start out with what seems like an ordinary situation and quickly find all rationality going out the window.' - Gary Tyrrell,

'It's fun.' - Delos Woodruff,

Fish Tank follows the exploits of three aquarium fish who are not only tank mates but close friends (although some of them may not admit it).

Ted is a super-genius goldfish with lots of ideas, inventions and a thirst for adventure, usually with disastrous consequences.

Angelo is a self-absorbed angelfish and Ted's sometimes reluctant sidekick.

Hoover is the bottom-feeding algae-eating plecostamus who wants nothing more than to be left out of Ted's ideas and given some peace.

Fish Tank - Something Whiskered This Way Comes is the second volume in a series that chronicles their outrageous exploits (originally a web comic from 2006 to 2008).

In this story, a cat has come to stay at the house and the fish are rightly alarmed. Their nemesis makes no secret of the fact that it is out to kill all three of them and they quickly decide to get it first. Who will prevail in this fight to the finish?
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Carl Ray has led an eclectic life. He went from Air Force veteran to working for a railroad to running for public office and is currently a computer programmer in Central Illinois.

Through all of this change, the one constant in his life has been his love of art, storytelling and family.

Carl has been married to his very patient wife Kristin for 16 years, has two wonderful children, Emily and Sam, and two dogs, Chloe and Hannah. Ironically, he does not own a fish.

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