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Handy guide for software project managers & staff
I N T R O D U C T I O N How to Write, Version & File Software Development Documentation is a combined How To guide, incorporating three TCS standards; Document Production, Version Control and Filing. The document production standard defines the read more ...
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How to Write Software Configuration Management Plans
Configuration management (CM) is the regulation of the way in which a software product evolves during the development and maintenance phases of the product lifecycle. It is the process by which the individual components of a software system are ident read more ...
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A How To Guide for Project Staff
Software Requirements Specifications: A Guide for Project Staff outlines how project staff can develop requirements list (RL), statement of user requirements (SUR) and software requirements specification (SRS). The end product of the requirement read more ...
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Better practices for delivery of information systems
Better practices for effective delivery of information systems in a multi-project environment. © This book is written for people who work at companies that have an IT department to support their non-IT business, with may installed systems, a large read more ...
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Optimize Your Windows PC
This guide will show the reader how to make changes to their computers that will make the computer run better and faster. It descibes various freeware software programs they can use to provide them with a better computing experience. It is not writte read more ...
7.65 €
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