Dark Quarry

A Mike Angel Private Eye Mystery

Author: David H Fears
Pages: 200
Language: English
Publication date: 12/04/2011
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Set in NY/NJ and Chicago in 1960; Complex plot, soul-tortured hero
Burdened by the unsolved murder of his father, a career NYPD lieutenant whose 'voice' warns whenever danger is near, 30-year-old Mike Angel is a Korean vet and bored private investigator of insurance fraud. When a wealthy ex-college buddy hires him to tail Joe Ambler, a petty blackmailer, Mike fixates on Kimbra, the blackmailer's woman, a stunning beauty who commits murder. Mike impulsively helps her dispose of the body and finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
Mike then discovers the dead man was the grandson of a feared and legendary mob leader, founder of Detroit's Purple Gang of the 1920s and 30s, possibly still alive. The same week, a well-dressed thug comes looking for Ambler, and the wealthy buddy who hired Mike runs off with Kimbra and is murdered in the Bahamas.

Seduction, deception, murders, shootouts, and crooked officials take Mike on a dangerous mission to the final showdown at Russian mob headquarters outside the small town of Mattoon, Illinois, where he hopes to discover who killed his father and save the life of Nika, a woman he has fallen for. You may have quite a few laughs at Mike's sarcasm and approach throughout.
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Back in 1971 I discovered that Mark Twain had traveled through my hometown in 1895 on the way to his world tour to get out of debt. That seed began to grow until in 2004 I began what has become a monumental, 4-volume work, Mark Twain Day By Day, an annotated chronology in the life of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Each volume (3 are now published) is 1150-1250 pages, and sell for $125 to Universities, Libraries, Societies, and Mark Twain scholars.

Just before I got into the Twain writing, I began writing short stories, a few of which morphed into a hardboiled private eye detective novel. After studying hundreds of such books, and admirng Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane's work, I wrote four of them--and oh! how much fun they were to write. No one had to be politically correct, and the protagonist was driven to live up to his father's legacy--he was too young to be a PI at the start (30), but he had the help of his late father's detective partner on the NYPD, and the love of a good woman who was willing to wait until wild oats were sewn. So I got totally wrapped up in these characters. I believe good mysteries must be complex page turners; hardboiled should have the protagonist fighting corruption. There's sex, violence, and psychological reflection in my novels.

I also studied composition theory, and read thousands of short stories. I taught writing at two for-profit colleges.

Today I am working on Vol. 4 of MTDBD, and also revising older short stories & novels. I've discovered the market for ebooks and have published all of my novels in such forums, along with several short stories and two collections.

Like Mark Twain, I love cats, am father to 3 girls, and am a westerner who has lived in various parts of the country.

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