Deadly Enterprise

Pages: 376
Language: English
ISBN: 9780991847051
Publication date: 31/05/2014
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Alternate world/SF adventure: third book of the Iskander series
Deadly Enterprise is the middle novel of the five novel series that feature the strong female storm-crow Gisel Matah, a security agent for the castaway Iskanders on the alternate Earth called Gaia.

In this story she is assigned to make contact with the Felgers, a banking and industrialist family conglomerate. The Iskanders look to increase their customer base as well as outsource rare minerals and products to speed their own development. The Felgers are cautious, knowing the contact will bring the Emperor's wrath upon them. Gisel undertakes to escort the young Yohan Felger to Lubitz to further the contact, knowing that Zagdorf, the Emperor's leading spymaster is watching for them. She also notes that Lubitz and the Iskanders are at war and she could be executed as a spy if caught.

Follow these two, the stuffy and inexperienced Yohan and the sharp-tonged expert Gisel, as they travel by sea, by river and on horseback, with enemies at every turn and the conflict that imperils Lubitz waiting for them to make a wrong move.
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I am retired and live with my wife, Shirley, and the shelter dog Emmie, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, writing fiction and working with others on their fiction, as much as life allows. As a lad I lived, breathed, and dreamed aeroplanes; I won a place at RAE Farnborough learning to engineer them. But the reality didn’t fit my dream, so I took off into a stint in the army and then away to join the oil circus. Flying objects are tools when they now appear in my writing―I guess that’s the effect of maturity, but I hope, not a constricted, resigned, and unimaginative maturity. The mind still soars, even without wings, and the dream of carrying others to a better future is now on the page.

Some readers comment that none of my stories take place next door to the lives most people live; the less charitable find similarity in characters who tend to be stubborn, independent, and out of step with the world’s expectations. Perhaps there’s a connection between the worlds I portray in fiction, and my working life in oil exploration in the Libyan Desert, the Canadian Arctic, and the mountains and forests of Western Canada.

My stories have been set in Regency England, Anglo-Saxon Britain, in modern industrial projects, in the alternate world of Gaia, and the fantasy world of Rast. Sometimes I satirize jobs I’ve done. Many of my central characters are smart, beautiful, and dangerous women who lead unwilling males to fulfil the duties before them. Lt. Gisel Matah in “Deadly Enterprise” is perhaps the most Bond-like of these. I like writing novels about realities my readers can enjoy in the guise of dashing adventurers; loyal comrades; lovers; or pledged sovereigns. I hope they find there the spark that brings them to realize greater dreams of their own.

Current Writing projects:

Since 2012 I have been focussed on a Steampunk Regency world where Napoleon didn't lose a whole army at Moscow in 1812, or lose the Battle of Leipzig in 1813...and thus has the energy and ambition to plan a new invasion of Britain for 1815, using steamships to scatter the wooden walls of England. (Between you and me, he didn't lose an army at Moscow...the army that set out was comprised of one third French to two thirds Allies, and the worse things looked the more allied generals there were who found critical tasks for their troops in places other than marching in a Russian winter.)

Who is going to rescue Britain from the Corsican devil? Well, another of my savvy and competent anachronistic young women, of course. This one is Roberta Stephenson, the fictional daughter of George Stephenson, the railway and locomotive builder. She had an upbringing in the locomotive shop with a oil-can in her hand and is now the manager and chief designer of her Father's steamship yard on the Clyde. When they heard the suspicion that Napoleon was planning his invasion around steamships, father and daughter put their heads together to produce the “Spiteful” an iron-built steam ram―a vessel designed to sink its enemies the way Greek and Roman triremes did with their big iron ram in the bow.

In “Steam and Stratagem” Roberta has to meet their Lordships of the Admiralty to sell them on the idea of a fleet of her spitefuls sinking the French steamships that are to tow the invasion barges across the Channel. In the process she meets three eligible bachelors, Lord Julian Bond a spy for the Admiralty, Lieutenant Alfred Worthington a senior steam engine inspector for the Navy, and Symington Holmes, a mathematician and consultant to the Admiralty; all vying for a part to play in her life.

About the Iskander Novels

I have taken back the publishing rights for my Iskander novels. They are now available, as ebooks only, from the distributor's site XinXii in Germany, at and through them at B&N, all the Amazon sites, as well as many other distributors around the world. I have priced the ebooks at $3.99.

I have some paper copies left of all the series and you may see elsewhere in the website how to order them directly from me. The XinXii copies have some new editing that the old paper do not have, but this is significant only in Deadly Enterprise that has some of the early backstory taken out (not needed now other books fill the gaps).

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