Detective Shorts in Five

5 Short Stories of Mystery and Crime

Pages: 107
Language: English
Publication date: 29/05/2011
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Five short stories featuring detectives solving crimes.
Stories included are Bloody Knife, Magician without Magic, T-Bone Conviction, Monastery Murder, and Malicious Chocolate.

Bloody Knife: Five hunters are deep in the woods in Montana staying at their traditional cabin, but the morning after they arrive, only four are alive. The fifth was murdered during the night, and no one is admitting to it. With all the equipment of hunting (guns and knives), the remaining four become suspicious of each other. Is there another victim planned? Will they be hiking out alive at the end of their trip?

Magician without Magic: In a small Midwestern town, a magician is performing a Halloween special, but a 911 call reports one of the illusions has gone very, very wrong. An insider reports that what seemed an illusion was really murder, and it's up to the deputy sheriff to put the truth together before it's too late.

Malicious Chocolate: At a dinner, twin brothers plot with the chef to poison their host, who's a collector of rare and expensive African art. It's their intention to steal his most recent acquisition. It's worth over $100,000, and they've already lined up a buyer. But, the brothers aren't the only schemers there. Everyone is working a different angle. The wrong person gets poisoned, and nothing goes right after that.

Monastery Murder: After a shocking night murder, the monks of the Monastery realize that one of them committed the murder. The Prior appoints one of their own to investigate. Inquiry uncovers a double life lived by the murdered man, and unearths secrets that were to remain undiscovered. The appointed investigator now must confront the truth and face the consequences, however dangerous they may be, for doing so.

T-Bone Conviction: What if the T-bone on your plate was trying to tell you something? What if there was a connection with the murder of your best friend? Subconsciously, you know, and your subconscious is desperately trying to get it to the forefront of your brain before the connection is lost and the mystery remains unsolved. In the mean time, you have to keep your brand new fiancée from thinking you've gone crazy.
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Action and adventure are what you’d expect in one of Nathan Pennington’s stories. Since he’s also always been an introvert (and no, that’s not a bad thing), he frequently uses internal dialog and the quirky thoughts of his characters show through in his writing.

A writer of both novels and short stories, Nathan draws on a wide range of experiences to make his stories realistic and exciting. If asked, his best source for writing material comes from merely observing what is really happening all around him on a daily basis.

Nathan currently lives with his wife and daughter in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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