Dialogues and behaviors to conquer a great woman - Even if..

Author: Paul Gervaix
Pages: 120
Language: English
Publication date: 01/05/2018
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Discover how to develop your social skills and become irresistible with women
I just wrote a book, every man's book. His name is 'Dialogues and behaviors to conquer a great woman - Even if you are not beautiful, rich or famous'

First, the self-help books you normally find on the Internet or in bookstores are not identical. It is convenient, to the point.

With 120 pages and a pleasant reading.
This guide will show you how to talk to women in a compelling way - something most men do not know about.
They start boring conversations and are almost always rejected by the girls in the first few minutes of conversation. When the conversation lasts, they fall into the Friends Zone.

But it does not have to be this way ...

... from now on you will have a new weapon in your arsenal of achievements ... for the rest of your life!

Talking to an attractive girl is one of the cool things in life - as long as you know what to do.
In my new book 'Dialogues and behaviors to conquer a great woman - Even if you are not beautiful, rich or famous', I show you the way to attract a woman quickly, which most men have no idea of that there is one, and you certainly will not find these tips in other books or in Websites.

I want to say that this book is special and unique. Written for results.

Here is a small selection of what you will discover when you read 'Dialogues and behaviors to conquer a great woman':

- How to win the girl of your dreams, even if she already has other prettier or richer candidates than you ... (page 43 begins the most important lesson for the success of your life).

- What if the woman rejects you? Find out how to take advantage of the situation and get back to the top - with 100% confidence. Page 52.

-The gift that every man should give to a woman ... and that does not cost a penny! Page 32.

- The 'secret weapon' of James Bond to instantly attract women! (Why did not anyone ever tell you this? Answer on page 95.)

- The reason you still do not choose the women you want! Go directly to page 29.

- Never stay in friendzone again! (Simple formula for dealing with the famous 'Let's be friends' on page 92.)

- You are shy? See the 4 easy ways to get to know women (it's easy to be surprised - see page 25).

- The great discovery of Darwin, which acts as an aphrodisiac for women! (It 's the fun of biology.) Page 19.

- Ego Destroyer: Women hate it when you do it during the meeting ... but they will never confess! Turn the game over with the technique on page 8.

- 5 basic settings to increase your self-confidence. Page 49.

- The biggest reason for women to end a relationship - and most men only realize this when it's too late. Page 101.

- What can the French teach about seduction? Use the French 80-20 technique and women will love you for it. Page 110.

- Can you tell if a woman is interested? Find out what signs to look for ... the look is just the tip of the iceberg. Page 46.

- 9 simple tricks that make conversation fun. Page 63.

- Discover the 'cherry technique' by which the woman sees you as the most attractive guy at the party - even if other guys are more popular than you. Page 31.

- A psychological technique to attract a woman without saying a word - if you're shy, you'll love it! Page 82.

- CAUTION: Do not try to impress women with your resume. Find out how you can show that you are an interesting type without insulting. Page 88.

- Is it true that women pay more attention to men who are accompanied by other women? Find out how you can use women's competitiveness to win a girl. Page 84.

- 5 Ideas to make your encounters more exciting - page 104.

- 7 Advice you hear about relationships you should throw in the trash. Page 14.

- The 4 worst questions for a woman when they meet for the first time. Ask one of these questions and you probably will not have a second meeting. Page 26.

And much more..
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I'm not the most attractive or charismatic guy in the world ... actually, far from it.

My shyness and lack of attitude was so much that in normal situations for those more disembodied men, it was an impossible task for me ...

"Realize a girl is interested," but make up any excuse for not pulling a subject;

"Going out for a date and being stuck, with a dry mouth, not knowing what to say"

"Going to a party and not being able to get inside", meeting new people, being sociable ...

The places changed, but the story was always the same.

I was tired of being ignored by women ... I decided it was time to change!

I devoured a ton of articles on the internet, books, attended workshops, went to the gym, did tooth whitening ... I even did phonodiology to try and fix my "weird" voice.

I would like to say that this was a fun and easy journey, but it was not. Many of the books only reproduced old self-help clichés - "be yourself," "act naturally," "know who you are," "what has to be, will be."

(pure mental masturbation)

Everything I tried to do to look better: new clothes, white teeth, muscles ... none of these helped me to be more confident with women. I was still the same old guy - shy and insecure.

But however difficult and lonely this journey was, I was determined to change. And so it happened ...

My experience has made me a coach in the field of personal attitude development and self-confidence, dating and relationship.

Are you ready to change your attitudes with women?

Is single? Want to find out how the art of conquest works?

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