A Global Scourge

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Publication date: 01/10/2014
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Terrorism is the bane of humanity, man's inhumanity to man.
About The Book .
The religious, political and ideological conflicts
around the globe with emphasis on the violence in the Middle East,
Persian Gulf and Asia are the prime focus of this book. Terrorism in
all its ramifications is exhaustively discussed here. The book can
well be christened a 'Bible of Terrorism'. Satisfying information
about the origin, history, definitions, causes, reasons, types, forms,
effects, solutions et al of this evil concept where meticulously
marshaled out here. Ultra crucial issues useful to counter terrorists,
security and intelligence operatives, the police, military, political
and opinion leaders; administrators, and academicians were also
included and addressed to its minutest details. Topics like
anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering, police and
military intelligence, espionage, counter-espionage, aircraft hijack,
airport security, weapons of mass destruction, and lots more were
robustly dissected in the book. Events in the 'Axis of Evil' or the
dark spots of this social dilemma in nations like Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and
others were periscope, likewise the ignoble roles of several
terrorists and terror cells. Several matters of global security
concerns pertaining to terrorism were not left out just as women's
recent foray and involvement in religious and suicide terrorism formed
a core aspect of this work. The endeavor is highly beneficial to the
generality of the reading public and also serves students, teachers
and researchers of this area of study to the utmost in their academic
and sundry pursuit. Preemptive measures against terrorist's mayhem
were lavishly proffered to educate and guide the public on the
multi-pronged directions attacks are likely expected, just like the
antics, tactics and the modus operandi of these children of darkness
were totally exposed. Overall, the book is a well-researched,
well-thought-out, educative and instructional effort for all times,
purposes and audiences.
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The author of this book is a freelance writer, current affairs analyst, social scientist and a solicitor. He researched the religious and sociopolitical crisis between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East and around the globe pre and post 1948 and till the present. He was a columnist and features writer for some Chinese English-speaking Newspapers and Tabloids including the Chinese Morning Post. He authored these seminal books, Narcotics and Terrorism - causes, effects and remedies, ISBN 78-055-840-3 published by Galaxy Publishers Nigeria; Terrorism -a global scourge, ISBN 1-4259-0530-7 by AuthorHouse Publishers, Indiana, USA; The Prophet In The Forest, by CreateSpace, Amazon USA and co-authored The Twelve Killer Diseases. He's internationally-minded well traveled and is expecting his next books International Laws and Terrorism and The Sweet Poison. Currently he heads a Houston Texas based Non Governmental Organization - Global Network Against Terrorism which writes against terrorism and terror related activities. His email address is: galaxybk@yahoo.com

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