Teach Yourself Computer & IT

Book 1 (Workbook 1)

Pages: 83
Language: English
Publication date: 04/05/2020
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In Book 1 which is for children of 3, 4 & 5 years, the children are introduced to Computer & IT components through fun stuff such as shading; drawing, tracing; counting, matching activities; filling in and many more.
Book 1 is designed to be used by students of ages 3, 4 and 5 who are in Pre-K, Pre-School, Nursery & Daycare in the US or Nursery & Reception in the UK. Book 1 is for students who are ready to take their first steps in reading, writing & counting.

Some of the items covered in the 3 Workbooks of Book 1 are Mouse, Keyboard, Laptop, CD, Monitor, Camera, Watch, Radio, Microphone, Printer, Speaker, Scanner, Projector, Clock, Monitor, iPod, Joystick, Computer Set, Camcorder, System Unit, Desk Phone, Mobile Phone, UPS, Floppy Disk, Flash Disk, Hard Disk, DVD, Play Station, Head Phones, Ear Phones, iPhone etc.

Every family, student, parent, school or teacher needs to own copies of these workbooks because they allow students to progressively learn on their own with minimal supervision of the parent or teacher.

With the constant developments in technology it is imperative that children (as early as 3 years) are equipped with the knowledge and understanding required for our digital age.

These series of workbooks titled “Teach Yourself Computer & IT” have been developed with a focused objective of providing and enriching children and adults with the latest information on “Computers and Information Technology”. They are aimed at enhancing IT related competencies for both children and adults.

Each book has 3 workbooks with each workbook containing a number of worksheets which can be printed and given to the student to progressively learn on their own. They include the following:

Book 1 (Workbook 1) has 83 Worksheets
Book 1 (Workbook 2) has 79 Worksheets
Book 1 (Workbook 3) has 64 Worksheets

Book 2 (Workbook 1) has 58 Worksheets
Book 2 (Workbook 2) has 66 Worksheets
Book 2 (Workbook 3) has 63 Worksheets

Book 3 (Workbook 1) has 54 Worksheets
Book 3 (Workbook 2) has 66 Worksheets
Book 3 (Workbook 3) has 57 Worksheets

Book 4 (Workbook 1) has 50 Worksheets
Book 4 (Workbook 2) has 50 Worksheets
Book 4 (Workbook 3) has 60 Worksh
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