On Bullying

Heretical Thoughts

Author: Tanni
Pages: 77
Language: English
Publication date: 20/01/2014
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This e-book presents some unusual thoughts about bullying and related problems.
If you're bullied -- or have been bullied -- you might ask youself: Why is our society structured in a way so that bullying can happen? Why do we insist on moralic principles which make bullying likely?

This ebook is about the flaws of Western societies and morality which promote bullying. It also addresses some commonplaces which impede recognizing that someone is in trouble, and shows why we need grace for those who did nasty things as an act of desperation to stop being bullied ... moreover, it also features an interesting proposal to avoid bullying.

Wenn Sie gemobbt wurden oder noch werden, dann werden Sie sich fragen, warum unsere Gesellschaft so strukturiert ist, daß Mobbing stattfinden kann. Warum bestehen wir auf moralischen Prinzipien, die Mobbing erst möglich machen?

Das Buch handelt von den Fehlern westlicher Gesellschaften und westlicher Moral, die Mobbing ermöglichen und gibt einen ungewöhnlichen Vorschlag, wie Mobbing an Schulen vermieden werden könnte.
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
I was an outcast in kindergarden, two years of being teased in elementary school by peers and much older students, being massively bullied the whole six years of secundary school and faced ongoing nastyness after having finished school.

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