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An Unusual Approach to Avoid Bullying
This e-book is about bullying. It provides a proposal how the problem should be tackled from the point of view of someone who has been bullied for a long time by several groups of bullies. It also addresses some commonplaces which impede recognizing read more ...
13.99 €
Heretical Thoughts
If you're bullied -- or have been bullied -- you might ask youself: Why is our society structured in a way so that bullying can happen? Why do we insist on moralic principles which make bullying likely? This ebook is about the flaws of Western soc read more ...
16.98 €
Primary & Secondary School
Ebook for Parents & Guardians on schooling in the UK For many parents it’s not practical to home school our children, so we rely on the Education system in the UK to educate them from age 5. We’ll go to all lengths to find the best schools, be it read more ...
8.99 €
In my essay I will compare American and German schools, focusing especially on the American highschool and the German 'Gymnasium', which is one of the three secondary schools in Germany. I spent my 12th grade in East Hall High School in Gainesvil read more ...
4.00 €
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