FAHRENHEIT 451: 11 worksheets for English teachers

11 worksheets for English teachers

Pages: 11
Language: English
Publication date: 18/01/2008
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11 worksheets for English teachers
Fahrenheit 451

1. 'Montag meets a curious girl' - homework assignment & possible solutions based on the double meaning of 'curious'

2. Typical aspects of this dystopia/future society: a list with solutions & page references (in part I of the novel)

3. The sieve and the sand: symbolism in part II - diagram with solutions

4. Points of view - a diagram with special reference to this novel

5. extract from an interview with Bradbury about Fahrenheit451 and the McCarthy era - with assignments

6. Ray Bradbury talks about his novel (interview on the DVD):
questions concerning interesting bits and pieces related by the author , plus solutions (listening comprehension)

7. Watching Truffaut's film version after reading the novel: infos and assignments

8. 12 assignments concerning interesting aspects of the film version -
useful e.g. for homework, etc

9. KLAUSUR Grundkurs (test - elementary course)

10. How dumb can you get? - an almost incomprehensible German 'translation' of a short text about this film by a translation programme.
Students are supposed to guess what the text means (very funny, also revealing that translation programmes still have a lot to learn) - with original text (you can, if you wish, also discuss reasons why these programmes fail in so many cases - e.g. because they cannot differentiate between homonyms)

11. Opinion poll: having analysed the novel, students are asked (on the basis of a rating system) to tick off their opinion
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