Acuity theories on how to fix everything

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Publication date: 01/01/2012
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Wiggle your mind, let your true potential shine, like precious gems in the sky
Our universe has been demonstrating, and offering remitting high resolution altruistic demonstrations of epic prime directive uniform code of existence.
This is brand spanking new list undeniable the most comprehensive set of prime directives uniform code of existence, and ultimate the enchanting greater good rules of engagements, to restore our entire world to all-inclusive favor.

A conciliating refreshing all-inclusive and collective evolution set of constructive criticism, theoretical qualms that will be “stepping on allot of toes,” Those who are the descendant of house hold names, crème Della crème who were able to cropped up with subtle selfish and greedy finesse, from the dawn of ill-perceive ideas of civilization, has a tactless knack, and mastering reading in-between blurry lines, “able smile while their eyes isn’t smiling,” always “pausing for ill-cause and dark effects.”
The global situation, a crash course in a nut shell, even though most of us are clueless on how to be. Most of us shortsightedly and confidently “going ruthlessly going down the only roads they know, with overzealous sycophantic edge.” A dark scene we had “seen duplicated in too many movies.” Attempting to shape the destiny of the world to all-inclusive favor, is considered outrageous, and would require a unity of all of the whistle blowers, and greater good caretaker, uniform code, prime directives, and operating on the same ecofriendly page.
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