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a book for humanity.
man the soul: is a book that no man can do without, since no fish can survive without water and man can neither live without air. so who then can stay without this very rear and priceless treasure book, which enable it reader to gain ten thousand tim read more ...
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Intelligence is the ability to respond adaptively to new situations, to think abstractly and to comprehend complex ideas. IQ is the abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient. The word quotient means the number of times that one number will divide in read more ...
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New Linguistic Methodology for 21 Century
The Future of Immersion Education: An Invitation to ‘Dwell in Possibility’ Bilingual Education and Bilingualism is an international, multidisciplinary series publishing research on the philosophy, politics, policy, provision and practice of langua read more ...
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Sash I
The Sash I level manual for instruction within the KaLu Akademy educational structure. Designed for children between the ages of 8 and 13. To be utilized with the Early Development Curriculum manual in any environment that supports the KaLu curriculu read more ...
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Language Teaching - Integrational Linguistic Approaches
What might be the consequences, for how language teaching would be understood and conducted, of adopting an integrational linguistic per- spective? That is the question which the papers gathered here attempt to address. The integrational linguistic p read more ...
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Multi-Lingual Studies for International Baccalaureate
In recent years there has been a growing interest in the problems that figurative language poses for foreign language learners, how learners cope with figurative language, how they learn it, and what sort of instruction facilitates the ability to com read more ...
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Specially Designed Program for Deeper Understanding of the New Dynamic Immersion Method in Linguistics and New Pathways to use it in everyday life contribution. Goals for immersion education have expanded to include bicultural- ism, and most recently read more ...
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