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Englisch für den Beruf - A. Schriftliche Aufgaben

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Bearbeitete Aufgaben:

1. Aufgabe (a-b)

2. Aufgabe:
Write the following sentences in the negative form and as a question

3. Aufgabe
Read the following sentences and put the verb in the correct tense into each gap: simple present or simple past.

4. Aufgabe
Below are the key dates and events of the fictitious car manufacturer MSM. Whrite down the history of the company in full sentences. You can add your own details if you wish, but you must use at least 5 of the given facts in your text. Remember to use the correct tence and style to tell a lively story. Write between 100 and 150 words.

5. Aufgabe
Please describe in a few short paragraphs what you want to achieve from this course and what skills you would like to gain. Explain why these skills are important to you. Write 100 and 150 words in full sentences.
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