Accidental Warrior

Accidental Warrior

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Author: Lavirrealista
Length: 26 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Aug 2014
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Erzählung
Keywords: synthetic biology, brain waves, literary fiction, classic scifi, virtual reality, climate disaster, war, biotechnology, virrealismo publishing

Lara, born to be a scientist, but unaware of having been genetically engineered.

This short story of the future is told through the character of an unwilling and accidental warrior, Lara, born to be a scientist but unaware of having been genetically engineered. Set during a life or death struggle for the survival of the few remaining guardians of technology and learning, Lara finally learns the truth about her existence. Her knowledge comes from an amazing futuristic device which bears the same relation to today's e-books as they do to Babylonian clay tablets.

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Lavirrealista, pen-name of Maria Pellegrini, has been an indie publisher since 2010 exploring on the theme of technology and society of the future. \"Virrealism\" is the underlying concept of her work, it transforms reality into virtuality and vice versa thus taking us well beyond virtual reality.
She has now written two books (Real Virtualites 2011, Change of State - First Phase 2016) and six short stories. Five of them have also been collected into a single volume, Tales from the Mother Galaxy, 2003, and each them look at different aspects of possible future technological development. The sixth story, Accidental Warrior, written later in 2004, is the prequel to her last novel.
Trained as a geologist and environmental scientist, she specialised in GIS technology and worked for many years in the industry, later becoming editor in chief of a technical magazine. Her scientific training ensures that the science in science fiction is not lost.

If you want to know more about Virrealism or about her books please visit her new web site, There you can read questions and answers and if you like you can even ask your own question!


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