Alabama Sunset

Alabama Sunset

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Author: Sandee Watkins
Length: 476 page(s)
Written: Apr 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Romance  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Alabama Sunset, Sandee Watkins, Love story, Romance, Rick Cooper, Jayne Ramsey, adult themed, adult fiction, erotica, sexual situations, friends turned lovers, Kindle, Nook, feel good love story, Rock hard Rick

Best of friends admit their true feelings, those of true love.

Friend, best friend, pal, confidant, companion, soul mate… lover. To Jayne Ramsey, Rick Cooper was all of the above, except for the latter two: soul mate and lover. He was not only her friend; he was her best friend. He was her confidant, her companion, her pal. She would go as far as to say he was her soul mate, but they were not lovers, nor had they ever been intimate… romantically or sexually, anyway.
Being the same age and growing up together because their parents were the best of friends; the two were like brother and sister. Jayne shared everything with Rick and him with her. The only things they didn’t share were their true feelings for one another.
Each one silently longed for, dreamed of, fantasied and desired to be both the latter of the two: soul mate and lover. Rick was game, but kept it to himself because he knew Jayne wasn’t. She couldn’t bear to lose him as her friend if they ever crossed that thin line and things didn’t work out between them.
Not wanting to waste his virile youth, or his time on trying to convince an unwilling Jayne to give them a chance, Rick decided to play the field, or the ocean, as it were in his case, and became a ladies' man. He even managed to acquire himself a nickname around town: Rock Hard Rick and he lived up to his reputation; though he wasn’t happy.
All Jayne ever wanted was Rick and all Rick ever wanted was Jayne - Jaynie or sis - as he’d always called her, and if and when she ever came around, he would be there for her, no matter what or who might try to stand in his way.

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Romance Author Sandee Watkins is a native to Birmingham, Alabama in the United States.

Her passion for writing romance began about two years ago; while at work and watching Soaps during lunch breaks. Disgusted with the never-ending cycle of cheating and repeated resurrections of the dead, she gave them up and began writing her own romances. While she leads you through winding roads filled with surprises, you will always be pleased with the outcome when you reach the end of the story.

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