Alibi Jones

Alibi Jones

The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Book One

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Author: Mike Luoma
Length: 251 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Nov 2010
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: adventure, adventure action, adventures, alibi, bc, bernard campion, campion, jones, mike luoma, science fiction, space, space battle, space colony, space opera, space ship, space station, space war, spaceship, spaceships, vatican abdicator, vatican ambassador, vatican assassin

Tracking Down Kidnappers, Running From Aliens... Alibi Jones Is On It!

Alibi Jones is a mediator for the Solar Alliance and the son of Bernard Campion, aka "BC" - The Vatican Assassin! Alibi is searching for a kidnapped friend with the help of the mysterious alien Dakhur, Kit, and the man known as Piccolo. Little does Alibi know that following the trail of alien kidnappers will lead to the discovery that dangers thought long-dead are still very much ALIVE!

Takes place in the same universe as The Vatican Assassin Trilogy, but stands alone as it's own new adventure!

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I'm Mike Luoma - When not on the radio, I write science fiction, comic books and non-fiction stuff. I also combine my worlds - hear me read my books for free thru iTunes, from and on my weekly Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast! More info at

My first three books form the "Vatican Assassin" science fiction trilogy: "Vatican Assassin" "Vatican Ambassador" and "Vatican Abdicator". My new novel - "Alibi Jones and The Sunrise of Hur" - is part of "The Adventures of Alibi Jones" but have no fear, it can be read with or without having read the first novel "Alibi Jones" - of course, do hope you'll read both!

"The Adventures of Alibi Jones" is also a comic book from Earthbound Comics - with art by Meisha, Rhys ap Gwyn and Federico Guillen. It's available on-line. Artist Cristian Navarro is helping me adapt "Vatican Assassin" as a graphic novel - Issues 1 - 3 are out now. Artist Federico Guillen and I are releasing "Good Samaritan: Unto Dust". And artist and musician Juan Carlos Quattordio and I put together the graphic novel "Panthea Obscura" - check out the video trailer Juan Carlos made - right here on my author page! You can find "Panthea Obscura" at and all the other comic books at - find the links at That's the place to go for links to all my books and free stuff.

In addition to my fiction, I'm a student of early Christian history. I detail my personal exploration of Gnostic Christianity in my book "Neo-Gnosis" and offer an occasionally comical look at early Christianity and how it isn't what we see today in the comic book I wrote, illustrated, lettered and released myself, "Holy Sh!t: Or... Pat Robertson Is The Anti-Christ", a controversial and critically acclaimed short graphic novel (non-fiction).

Finally, "Synthetic Marmalade" collects my song lyrics and poems.

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