Around the Universe in 10-43 second

Around the Universe in 10-43 second

The Meaning of the Universe Volume 1

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Author: Manu Breysse
Length: 276 page(s)
Language: English
Written: July 2017
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: space, book, sci-fi, science fiction, adventure, aliens, vortex, space worms, humour, novel

A Pharaoh is going to look for the meaning of life in an absurd universe

Sareth is a Pharaoh on a lost planet at the far end of an arm of the Milky Way. While imposing a hard-line, despotic regime there, he is accidentally teleported to the centre of the galaxy. Lost, Sareth goes to take refuge in a city library to try to understand what is happening to him. But, just as he is about to discover the meaning of life, it disappears before his very eyes...

Come discover Sareth and his companions on their insane quest to find the meaning of life! A quest against which the universe itself appears to put them on their guard with its space worms, galactic jellyfish, pan-dimensional creatures, humans... Accompanied by an alcoholic, his shrink and the latter’s daughter who is in the throes of adolescence, Sareth will confront the dangers of an absurd universe, which has no other purpose than to make life rare and precious!

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The author was not yet twenty when he discovered writing and was spellbound by its creative potential! If he already dreamed of traveling in space as a child, he now gives concrete expression to this desire by writing science fiction. Through his first humorous SF book, he seeks to explore the universe and all its mysteries, but above all to wonder: what meaning do you wish to give to life?

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