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Author: Martin Zander
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Written: Nov 2011
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Personality Development

Have you ever wanted to say something, but didn't? Do you avoid having to confront a problem with someone? Or perhaps you don't complain when you get bad service? Or are you afraid to venture your opinion and let others walk over you? Assertiveness can help.

Your relationships, quality of life, family life, career prospects and stress levels can all be affected by a lack of assertiveness. Our course helps you assert yourself more effectively, using simple techniques and self analysis reviews, that will improve your quality of life.

Course Sections
-_ Lesson 1: Overview
-_ Lesson 2: Passive or Agressive
-_ Lesson 3: Assertive Behaviour
-_ Lesson 4: Assertion Techniques
-_ Lesson 5: Your Rights
-_ Lesson 6: Roadblocks
-_ Lesson 7: Non Assertive Myths
-_ Lesson 8: Final Review

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