When Archeology Meets the Supernatural

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Author: Robert Walker
Length: 255 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Apr 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Horror  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: werewolf, creatures, monsters, urban fantasy, horror, intriuge, mystery, thriller, suspense, William Miekle, Scott Nicholson, Stephen King, Steve Saville

Archeologist & Vampire Slayer, A.Stroud uncovers the Clan of the WULF

Archeologist & Vampire Hunter, Dr. Abraham Stroud encounters the Clan of the Bayou Wulf in the swamps of Louisiana in the USA. Stroud has encountered vampires and zombies in the past, even werewolves in the past, but nothing like these wiley, golf-playing Cajun-Creole blooded WerewUlves.

Stroud loses people all around him as a war breaks out against him and his associates and students at the dig in the swamp. Bayou Wulf himself cannot control the anger and nature of his clan, and while he wants to parlay a peace with the infamous Stroud and humankind, his own clan is against him.

"Urban horror fantasy at its best" -- JA Konrath, Origins, Afraid, Whiskey Sour and more

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Robert W. Walker gained entry into Northwestern University where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degree in English Education entirely on his writing ability--a full scholarship. Since finishing at NY in 1972, Robert has written and published some fifty books, primaily thrillers, suspense, and horror. Robert lives with his wife and children in West Virginia, USA. His most recent historical titles have been Children of Salem and Titanic 2012 - amazon kindle original titles.

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