Chasing Palms

Chasing Palms

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Author: Jonathan Herbert
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 244 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Dec 2016
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Novels  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: Florida fiction, Miami Thriller, Key West Fiction, New Orleans Fiction, Miami Police, Detective, Florida crime



A South Florida shootout doesn’t just end an innocent girl’s life — it pulls a young journalist inside Miami PD and ignites the pursuit of an impossible target.
After his brother’s girlfriend is killed, Butch Sands befriends a rookie cop and together they search for her killer. When they confront him at his home in the Florida Keys, a gunfight sparks a chase across the Sunshine State.
Family loyalty can bring down the most powerful and corrupt men. Butch has the platform to defeat an entire network of drug dealers with words. Pitted between a reckless cop and a hopeless older brother drowning in despair and rage, Butch manages to keep them together across a Florida landscape he knows well.
The chase finally ends on a remote island. Butch is held captive to prevent the Associated Press from ever reading his story about the partnership between Miami PD and a drug dealer who has stayed under the radar for years. When hope is lost, an unlikely reunion brings the three of them back together for an unexpected final attempt at justice.

“... vivid imagery throughout the story truly brings it to life...”—Marcy Shortuse, Editor of Gasparilla Magazine and the Boca Beacon.
"A suspenseful thriller that you won't be able to put down."—Michael Kinney, Writer/Director of The Good Die Young
“Irresistible thriller! Terrific! Herbert gives readers a masterful story of suspense and action.”—JM Fisher, author of Desire.

“Herbert balances friction between a breakneck pace of his plot with the languid rhythms and details of the Florida landscape..."—JP Eason, Big Seed Productions.

"His characters are authentic, and drive this tale of crime and vengeance forward with reckless abandon.— Mark Chasing Palms down as your next must read." Dylan Lee Peters, author of The Dean Machine.

“...a must read for anyone who loves action and suspense.”—Lincoln Kearney, author of The Art of Social Climbing.

“...breathtaking suspense that keeps your brain whirling from start to finish...”—Julie Isphording, Author, Keynote Speaker and Olympian.

“...a fast paced, well written mystery of twists and turns, making the reader want more . . .”—Don Storch of The Storch Report.

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Jonathan Herbert is a novelist and freelance writer, born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Englewood, Florida. Chasing Palms is his third novel. Previous fiction includes Banyan Street and Silver King. His novels have won awards in the William Faulkner Literary Competition, Paris Book Festival and Great Midwest Book Festival and his writing has appeared in “Gasparilla” Magazine and “Housetrends” Magazine. He received a B.A. from the University of Cincinnati in 2000 and currently lives in Cincinnati with his wife and their two children. For more information, go to

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