Dark Fantasy/Horror Series Starter Box Set

Dark Fantasy/Horror Series Starter Box Set

G.S. Luckett Dark Fantasy/Horror Starter Set Book 1

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Author: G.S. Luckett
Length: 221 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Aug 2015
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Horror  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: angel of death horror, heaven vs. hell fiction, supernatural undead, possessed by supernatural ghost, occult powers dark fantasy, hell's war short stories, occult adventure horror, paranormal places, demon slayer, grim reaper superhero, undead action-adventure, vampire and werewolves, fighting series, superhero werewolves, monster dark fantasy, monster hunter supernatural, vampire warrior, medieval horror, vampire hunter series short stories

Dark Fantasy/Horror Series Starter Box Set

Two Dark Fantasy/Horror Novellas from G.S. Luckett

Dark Fantasy/Horror Box Set includes:
•Gates (The Reaper)
•Alpha Hunter (Neurian Scriptures)

˃˃˃ Gates (The Reaper)

Can a condemned soul become God’s weapon?

A death row inmate, known as The Brit, on an isolated island escapes from his execution during a freak thunderstorm that causes the prison to change into a paranormal place. Now, he finds himself fighting his way out and protecting the very people who jailed him. Pursued by prisoners and guards possessed by ghosts along with a mysterious inmate from his nightmares using occult powers, The Brit has to lead the others to escape in order to save their souls and possibly his own.

This is the first installment of a series where we find out how, The Reaper, is chosen and that he does more than shepherd lost souls. He is a demon slayer, preventing Hell’s war with Heaven from spilling over into our world.

Some of God’s instruments are tarnished.

˃˃˃ Alpha Hunter (Neurian Scriptures)

In Medieval Europe, the people fear vampires.

What do vampires fear?

Alexander Damascus is the last Neuri, a Spartan-like tribe bred as vampire hunters, with a hunger to destroy the undead. With his partner Demitra, they track Queen Adrielle. She has organized the vampire warriors into an army for expanding her empire. Learning that Adrielle’s enforcer, Verucious, has acquired fragments of an ancient map, the Vatican dispatches its own monster hunter mercenaries to reinforce Alexander against Verucious and his Dark Riders. Alexander fights alongside the mercenaries while keeping his secret from them. Alexander’s kind was the seed of all vampire blood. The Neuri sworn to hunt those spawned from the civil war they waged.

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About the Author

G.S. Luckett | Author on XinXii.com

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G.S. Luckett grew up in the Midwest. Most of his youth spent exploring the woods around his home or playing action figures. He had a love for action movies and comics, along with fantasy and sci-fi fiction.

While in the U.S. Army G.S. Luckett was a tank crewmember and small arms weapons technician. He was stationed overseas in South Korea and ended up in the Pacific Northwest after his tour. His love for writing stories grew, as did a thirst for history and an appreciation for combat arts.

Now, he lives outside Portland, Oregon, with his wife and two sons. He spends his days as a mild-mannered father and husband but at night, the writer comes out.


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