Developments of Dyslexic Users’ Tools

Developments of Dyslexic Users’ Tools

Developments of Dyslexic Users’ Friendly Office and Training Tools

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Author: Minamur Chowdhury
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Written: Nov 2014
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Keywords: Dyslexia, Dyslexic students, dyslexic children, ICT tools, computer software for dyslexic kids, dyslexic user's friendly tools, teaching children with ADHD, Learning Barriers (caused by Dyslexia)

Dyslexic Students and the Possible Developments of Dyslexic Users’ Friendly Tool

School age children with dyslexia face numerous challenges in their lives including learning, socializing, and even playing or doing group activities. However, there is a glimpse of hope. Recent researches involving dyslexia conclude with predictions that newly developed technologies would play a greater role in improving dyslexic students’ livelihood, especially those who grow up using computers. Especially those known to us as digital natives who used or familiar with internet and mobile phones since their childhood. This brings expectations to those who have dyslexia with opportunities and make way for normal integration into the society, which is otherwise extremely difficult due to their disabilities.

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