Dr. Jekyll, Gynecologist (comic book)

Dr. Jekyll, Gynecologist (comic book)

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Author: Yakov Levi
Length: 32 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Nov 2011
Verkaufsrang: 18 XinXii Verkaufsrang
Views: 8597

Category: Fiction & Literature » Humour  |  Work: Sonstiges
Keywords: comic book, jekyll, gynecologist, science fiction, future, whore, zombie, horror, sex, technology, porn, girls, geek, computer, comics, comic, book

Perverted, shocking, and very funny science fiction tales, hosted by Dr. Jekyll.

Enter Dr. Jekyll's labiatory, and open your ivagination to all the pussibilities that are explored in these twat-provoking, er, thought provoking, tales of cunting edge science fiction!

In issue #1, we've got sex on the brain - literally - a new technology delivers porn directly to the brains (and all 5 senses) of those who use it, creating an army of zombified sex addicts. Female porn stars are on the run and there's nowhere to hide!

From the makers of "Tales from the Whorehouse of Horror", as seen at whorrorcomix.com

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

About the Author

Yakov Levi | Author on XinXii.com

Member since: Nov 2011
Publications on XinXii:  1
*Yakov Levi is best known for his short comedy films starring Ukraine's oldest and ugliest prostitute, Baba Alla, the most famous of which can be seen at yakovlevi.com/t_shameless.html - if you love John Waters, Troma, South Park or any kind of shocking, tasteless humor, then you'll love this.
*His next project was TALES FROM THE WHOREHOUSE OF HORROR, a free online comic book with perverted, funny horror stories told from the red light district of the cemetery. If you loved the classic 1950s EC comics, you'll love this.
*He resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife and teddy bear

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