ERP / IT Strategy Guidelines

ERP / IT Strategy Guidelines

Procedure Model for Development of an ERP / IT Strategy

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Author: Johannes Schwab
Length: 144 page(s)
Written: Mar 2012
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Keywords: IT strategy, ERP strategy, IT, ERP, structured guidelines, Procedure Model, Development

Does your IT strategy account for your company strategy?

Information technology has developed into one of the most important success factors in achieving company objectives. This book concentrates on answers to this question and describes the most effective way to a customized IT strategy which has been derived from the company strategy.

Solutions give rise to several frequently asked questions:
- How useful is an IT strategy?
- Does an IT strategy not only make sense for larger corporations?
- What would it cost?
- What are the advantages?
- How do I start a strategy project best?
- Do I entrust external consultants?
- Should company executives be involved?
- Is there a proved and tested model?
- Would the strategy actually be used practically?
- How do I have assurance?
- Why are IT strategies still seldom found?
- What organizational entities are affected?
- Does an ERP strategy replace a process analysis?
- How do ERP and IT strategies collude?

The answers to these questions are summarized in structured guidelines which support company specific strategy development. The procedure model can be applied to the entire IT system as well as to the business processes within an ERP system.

This book provides a basis for preparation and development of a planned strategy project which assists facilitators and project leaders during the project. In addition, it explains procedures and goals of an ERP / IT strategy to contributors from management and IT.

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The author, Johannes Schwab, has been active in the industry since 1988 and has continued on by furthering his education within the field of computer science, in particular in the area of information management. His professional career began in information sales and project management, which mostly included the design and implementation of computer solutions for small and medium sized companies.

He has worked for many international corporations such as Porsche, Alcatel and SAP and was a consultant for companies in the areas of trade, industry, insurance and financial services. Since 2001 he has been successfully self-employed in HR consulting and as a company consultant in the areas of SAP and information technology. He has worked on diverse projects with many well known companies such as Swarovski, mobilkom austria, Engel Austria, Gebrüder Weiss, CSC, Flughafen Wien, SAP Österreich, Intesy Business & IT Solutions (Böhler-Uddeholm), RHI and Accenture.

In addition to his degree in information systems, he is a certified SAP consultant in business process management and therefore could liken his 20 years of experience with general theory and incorporate this into his daily work.

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