Final Therapy: Howards Story 4

Final Therapy: Howards Story 4

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Author: Allison Heather
Length: 53 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Jan 2016
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Erotica  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: Grandfather Granddaughter Incest, Mother Daughter Lesbian Sex, Uncle Niece Lovers, Spanking & Rough Sex, Bestiality & Zoophilia, Interspecies Sex

The story of four incestuous family members whose lives are about to be changed.

DESCRIPTION -- In the finale, Jennifer is once again at crossroads and has to make yet another life changing decision. She has eventually confide in her mother. Jennifer's mother arrives and another revelation awaits Jennifer. This is the final break or make situation. Jennifer Howard is top flying young corporate executive following her successful mother's footsteps. Her endless attempts to seek ordinary pleasure from sexual alliances eludes her. She does remember a day in her teens that led to unbridled explosive expression of satisfaction that she craves to experience once again.

EXCERPT -- Grandpa picked me up gently and we both washed in the stream. Horse and man cum leaked out of my ass. We dressed and rode back to Rosa’s well laid out lunch.

Rosa was her usual maternally caring self. Grandpa wanted to catch up with his emails and make calls.

“Get some rest, sweetie and ring your mother,” Grandpa held me tight against him. He lifted my face with his curled finger under my chin. He bent down and kissed me on the tip of my nose, “please do ring you mother.’

I found the bathtub filled and smelling of sensual aromatic salts, thanks Rosa.

I heard clatter of paws as Oscar and Brute came in rushing. I dropped on my knees and hugged them both as their tongues licked my face and their tails wagged incessantly.

I eventually managed to sink inside my bath. The cordless phone was close by. Brute and Oscar settled in the bathroom waiting patiently for me to emerge from my bath.

I rang mother.

“Jenny, where are you? I went to city and rang your apartment....” mom said calmly but she was worried beyond belief.

I took a deep breath, “Mom I am with grandpa.”

I could have dropped a stink bomb. Mom was silent for a long time or so it appeared.

“Are you OK? UM I mean you are fine? Er.. Jennifer you could have told me. I am sorry sweetheart. I did not mean to be controlling.” Mom was flustered...

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About the Author

Allison Heather | Author on

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I have been writing non-fiction and fiction in English and French. My style is influenced by the diverse countries I was educated in while growing up. Various cultures have influenced my content and style.

I make no secret of using the feminine point of view in my stories. I believe the war of sexes is futile politics. Individuals modify their true self to cater to a transient polemic. Self esteem is the key and epicenter of human dignity.

I have been successfully publishing erotic writings for five years. I started writing naughty stories secretly when young. I have nearly three quarters of a million downloads so far and counting.

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