Flight of the Forgotten

Flight of the Forgotten

A True Story of Heroism and Betrayal

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Author: Mark A. Vance
Length: 420 page(s)
Written: Apr 2011
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Category: Biographies & Memoirs » Historical biography  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: World War II, Aviation, Mystery, Drama, History, Supernatural, Conspiracy

World War II, mystery, conspiracy, with a strong super-natural content

Flight of the Forgotten is the true story of one of the most closely-guarded American military secrets of all time. It is intriguing, controversial and thought-provoking, The story traverses 50 years, two generations and the realities of our physical world. The triggering event is the tragic loss of an American Eighth Air Force bomber crew in 1945 under mysterious circumstances while enroute home after the end of World War II.

The loss represents a 50-year-old aviation mystery, officially "forgotten" by the United States Government. Details described and amplified within the story remain permanently "buried" inside a top-secret O.S.S. file to this day. This book is a public counter to official efforts by the United States Government to have the events permanently erased from the public record. The author's extensive research indicates that those events involve murder, conspiracy and sabotage by the O.S.S., the forerunner to the modern CIA.

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About the Author

Mark A. Vance | Author on XinXii.com

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Mark A. Vance is an active airline captain for a major US airline with over 20,000 total flying hours. His interest in aviation began at a very early age when family recollections and photos on the wall of his late uncle, Raymond Davis, fueled a lifetime curiousity.

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