Getting Started with Android Studio

Getting Started with Android Studio

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Author: Barbara Hohensee
Length: 99 page(s)
Written: Sep 2013
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Category: Computer & IT » Programming  |  Work: Aid (Learning, Study, Working)
Keywords: Android, Android development, Android Studio

Quickstart into the new development environment Android Studio

An introduction to Android Studio, the new development environment for Android app development. The book gives an overview of the new features and capabilities, you're getting to know the work surface, launch new Android projects, import of projects, covert old Eclipse project, learn about the Gradle build system, Signing apps, Creating and running Test projects, ActionBar Sherlock integration, Ads integration , Creation of local Maven repositories ... Google cloud Endpoints.
Since Android Studio is still in development, the book will also evolve with the progress of the program and will be updated frequently.

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About the Author

Barbara Hohensee | Author on

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Barbara Hohensee has worked more than 10 years as a network administrator. Among other things for DaimlerChrysler R&D.
She is familiar to the most used operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.
She published her first article in 2001, "Linux on the VTech Helio," a cheep hand held computer which could have Linux installed.
For nostalgic and German speaking people, here the Link:
The author has further, in addition to courses for network and Linux developed and teaches courses for Perl and Java programming.
Currently, she devotes herself to her new great love of android programming
For this reason the book "Getting Started with Android Studio" has been published but is at the same time work in progress.
For more info go to my Blog at

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