Goodbye Morality

Goodbye Morality

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Author: John Eidemak
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 428 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Apr 2014
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Thriller  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: crime, thriller, novel

A novel about a man who takes the road less travelled.

GOODBYE MORALITY is the novel about a man who takes the road less travelled to rise to unbelievable heights within the criminal world. John Forbes, the main character, comes from a modest background, but has grown up on the Craven Estate in Dorset, where his mother lives and works as a housekeeper. This is a place of strong contrast between being wealthy or poor.
Through various criminal enterprises, which inevitably include the use of violence and murder, John builds a considerable fortune. His marriage to Catherine, the daughter of Lord and Lade Craven produces a son, Michael, upon whom John dotes. However, John continues a serious love affair with the artist Mona Hobson whose talent he helps validate by secretly buying up the paintings.
Wise enough to know his own limitation, he goes into partnership with John Elgberg, a Dane with a past and his extrovert wife, Andrea, moving the ‘Invisible Company’ to Mallorca. After some years the company financial transaction attracts police attention.
When John’s son Michael dies of leukaemia, his marriage falls apart. Devastated, John moves to a remote lavender farm in the South of France, where he is plagued with growing doubts about the life he has created, the death of his son and the shocking decisions he has taken. John is unable to make the break needed even if he finds love with the unimpressionable local woman Cecilia.
An unforgettable crime thriller, with characters you will never forget.

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About the Author

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Who is John Eidemak?
A man with hands on experience, from company start-ups, to running large international enterprises. His characters are built up layer by layer and are truthfully unforgettable. Their relationships, even in this uncompromising world, are brought tenderly to life, due to John’s thorough knowledge of all walks of life.

John was born in Scandinavia, married, with two grown up children and has lived in London, England and the South of France for forty years. His second crime novel, Sincere Deceit is also available on Amazon Worldwide in trade paperback and Kindle formats. He is currently working on his third novel.

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