A Hatter Goes Mad

A Hatter Goes Mad

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Author: Kristina Howells
Length: 60 page(s)
Written: July 2012
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Category: Sports & Fitness » Soccer  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: luton town, football, history, players, fans, club officials, managers past present

Highs and lows in the history of Luton Town as told to a female fan...

Highs and lows in the history of Luton Town as told to a female fan by amongst others...

Mick Harford, Bob Morton, Brian Stein, Trevor Peake, Steve Foster, Paul Walsh, Wally Shanks, Ken Hawkes, Ian Feuer...
David Kohler, David Pleat, Lennie Lawrence, Wayne Turner, Clive Goodyear, John Moore, Kathy Leather...
Nick Owen, Roger Walsh, Andrew Wallace and Brian Swain.

Relieve with them the thrills of promotion, the euphoria of Wembley, the trauma of the Millwall riots, the tension and drama of relegation scraps.

Aboe all Luton is a friendly club that has shown what can be achieved despite limited resources - maybe its climb back to success into the football league has begun. Like all true fans Kristina is dreaming of tomorrow's glories.

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I am a published author and poet. I currently live in Calais in France, I am a British expat. I have written non-fiction and fiction works.

My works include:
A Hatter goes Mad
Te Deum
Una voce
Lettre Fatale
Making sense of the Genesis Flood
Making sense of the Life of Christ
Law and Gospel
Les Delices de Calais
Short stories

Since my publishers have gone out of business due to the credit crisis I am now self publishing.

If you wish to contact me please do not hesitate all queries will be answered.

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