Jenna Jameson: Her Erotic Life and Career

Jenna Jameson: Her Erotic Life and Career

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Author: Steve Rutherford
Length: 20 page(s)
Written: Aug 2013
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All facts about Jenna´s exotic life and career, you'll find here.

Adult movie actress and entrepreneur. Lawrence was a local constable, and Judith was a showgirl on the Las Vegas Strip. Jameson had only a few years with her mother, who died from skin cancer cells on February 20, 1976, soon prior to Jameson's 2nd birthday. Broke from paying all the required medical expenses, the family was forced to move into a trailer while her father worked long hours to pay off financial obligations. Jameson and her older brother, Tony, were essentially left to parent each various other. Although she was a gifted ballerina and a regular winner on the pageant circuit, Jameson's teen years were a hard and damaging time for the blossoming starlet. She endured numerous sexual attacks and seeded the beginnings of a substantial medicine practice. At the age of 16, she left home to deal with her guy. The following year, she got rid of the braces from her teeth with a pair of pliers and used a fake ID to land her first job as an exotic dancer.

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