Lady-Boys Cartoon Book 2

Lady-Boys Cartoon Book 2

Adult Cartoon Book

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Author: Michael J. Baird
Length: 42 page(s)
Language: English
Written: July 2012
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Category: Sex, Love & Erotic » Transsexuality  |  Work: Reisebericht/ -führer
Keywords: Pattaya, Thailand, Bangkok, ladyboy, lady-boy, katoy, katoyes, transvestite, third sex, cartoon

Outrageous, saucy, bawdy, raunchy and risque.

These cartoons are outrageous, saucy, bawdy, raunchy and risque. Unlike anything you have seen before: Mike has now done 2,000 cartoons.

These cartoons are daily sights Mike has seen strolling around Pattaya Town.

Most times when people look at his cartoons – Their heads will shake and they all say “TRUE”. Mike was showing his cartoon book to a FALANG bar owner whose wife had lived in England with him for 10 years. (She had an English sense of Humor). She got hold of the Book and sat around with a group of Thai Girls (Eating) while she was explaining each and every one of the cartoons – IN THAI.

The girls were howling with laughter, Crying with Delight and Sheathing at me for showing FALANGS many of the Thai bar girls Unspoken Secrets. All the other customers who hadn’t seen the Book were also in tears watching the expressions of these Thai girls’ faces. That was one of the funniest times for me personally – My throat/jaw and sides ached with so much laughter.

Mike has a nice Gift to be able to CAPTURE the MOMENT in Time in this Town.

Year’s later people will look back over Mike’s cartoons and see how much Life in this Fun City has changed.

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About the Author

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Michael is originally from England and now lives in Pattaya.

Although many may not recognize his name, most will recognize his initials, MJB, as they appear on the cartoons about living or visiting Thailand that he draws for the Pattaya Mail. Cartoonist Mike Baird got his start at a young age. His older brother did drawings and he took some to school and showed his classmates. His classmates liked them so much, they wanted to buy them. So, Michael took them back home, drew copies, and brought them back to school for sale.

Early in his career, he traveled extensively as a touch up artist. Since the displays used oil paint, the panels often stuck together. When they were put up for display, they were smudged and needed to be touched up. Michael had always been impressed by the art work of Norman Rockwell and started making copies of his work. This led to a side career as a copyist; not only of works by Rockwell, but other famous artists as well. He became one of England’s top copy artists painting murals, portraits, landscapes, and masterpieces. However, Michael did his first cartoon after retiring to Thailand. He was approached by a magazine publisher and asked to draw some cartoons. His first efforts were in black and white. Over time, he improved his drawings and started doing them in color. These cartoons most often reflect life in Thailand - the humorous side of it. Most of his inspiration comes just from sitting and watching what goes on around him.

Michael’s website is He also offers three downloadable guides (bars hopping, hotels, and restaurant) at Moving to Thailand was the best thing he ever did.

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