LORELEI - as the saga continues

LORELEI - as the saga continues

The exciting and touching continuation up to the present day

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Author: Dieter Trapp
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 170 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Dec 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Romance  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: Lorelei, love, castle, noble, fantasy, romance, river Rhine, humor, excitement, new world, history, horse, vine, feeling, emotion, travel, races, action, ghosts, war of independence

LORELEI an exciting and touching continuation of the saga up to the present time

Laura, beautiful daughter of US entrepreneur Dan Hill is flying by helicopter to the Nuerburgring. Her fiance Brian starts there at the Formula 1 race. She flies over
the Lorelei rock by the river Rhine. Her father is planning a mega-amusement park
nearby. The beauty of the landscape overwhelms her. She sees a female figure in an
ancient, but valuable robe at the middle of the rock. Until Laura could see her precisely,
had she disappeared as if swallowed by the ground.

A few days later she learns from the media that the young Count Philip of the Palatinate will turn down the park project with a protective movement. Laura travels to the hotel on the Lorelei rock. Laura is surprised during a walk at the Lorelei rock by a thunderstorm. When she search for protection, she meets a young man. As they touch each other, they kiss passionately. The mysterious lady shows and says the key for their common future lies in the past. The young man brings Laura to the hotel. They are welcomed by the house daughter Martina. When she introduces the two astonished, the perplexed Philip directly leaves the hotel. Also Laura is stunned, that she kissed ardently her opponent.

Philips friend Louis, a historian and the fiance of Martina, recalls of the saga, in which a son of the Count Palatine wanted to achieve hastily the beautiful Lorelei, plunged into the water and disappeared. Later, he was found alive on the shore. Dan tells Louis about his female ancestor, who immigrated before the war of independence from Germany. Ludwig explored, that Philips ancestor from the Sage was the handsome Count Frederick Michael.

Philip confesses his love to Laura. She loves him too, but between them is still Brian. They are photographed together in public. The picture and an evil article are published in a newspaper. Rudi Spitz, an intriguing politician, wants to let deselect Philip from the presidency. But the majority of votes are in favor of Philip. Brian crashed heavily in his next race in Belgium, before his talk to Laura. He is flown to a trauma Clinic. After Brian is better, Laura tells him, she can not marry him, because she loves another man. Laura and her mother travel to Bonn. Philip offers the ladies a wonderful boat-tour on the river Rhine to the Lorelei. Later in the hotel, Laura sees on TV a raid in a sex club in Mainz and hears Philip is the owner. She is horrified and flees with her mother home to Philadelphia. Philip is totally devastated.

Louis finds at the farm of the ancestors in Pennsylvania a diary of the first settler, where she wrote about her successful horse business and her role as a defender of her hometown against the British. Also he digs out an old sealed jar. Dan learns that the scandal was a conspiracy and Philip is innocent. When Laura finds that out, she regrets bitterly to have violated Philip so rashly. But this forgive her from his great love. Philip and Laura become engaged.

In the old clay jug is the legacy of Lore Heller. She was before the Lorelei. When she rescued her beloved Count Frederick Michael, she was punished with eternal damnation. A water spirit is not allowed to have human feelings. Her father turned her into a human and his wave-horses drove her to the shore of North America. She married in the new world Michael Heller.

Since her death, her soul is caught in an intermediate realm. From this she only can be freed, if a descendant of her and a descendant of Frederick Michael are in deep love to each other. The lover has to jump at the dangerous part of the river Rhine from a boat to the Lorelei rock with the help of his beloved. Will Laura and Philip be able to make it? Does Dan cancel his mega-park project? Will it come to the double wedding, together with Martina and Louis? What more dangerous adventures they have to consist? Will still a lot of water flow down the river Rhine, until they can enjoy their happiness?

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About the Author

Dieter Trapp | Author on XinXii.com

Member since: Dec 2013
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Even as a child, my grandfather had often read aloud
the Lorelei Saga. The Lorelei was my favorite character
in the stories. Only the end I did not like: "The Son of
the Count Palatine is saved, the Lorelei must still
disappear on two huge waves, without a chance to come back."
I felt once that was very unfair.

As an adult, I often visited the Lorelei rock.
The story came back to my mind and the basic idea
for the LORELEI - as the saga continues was born.
Decades of activities as a sales trainer and marketing
consultant leaded me through the most of Europe and USA.
A very close relationship I had with horses. As a rider,
owner and as a breeder. Since there was no time for
LORELEI - as the saga continues.

For several years now I am an active creative in the
Unperfekthaus in the City of Essen, Germany and
was now finally able to write.

There, my creative colleague Elena Staritzyna
created the cover image.

By reading the LORELEI - as the saga continues
I wish you much joy and pleasure.

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